Park Ha Neul (Zoe Park) is a supporting character of Lookism. She is a student in the Fashion department at Jae Won high school. She was formerly had a crush on the handsome Hyung Suk. But later, when the fat Hyung Suk saved her from a stalker, she then falls for him.

She is also the ex girlfriend of Logan Lee.



Ha Neul is shown to be very beautiful and tries to use her charm to get what she wants


Ha Neul is known to be a flirt, as shown in Chapter 4, when she immediately attempted to flirt with Hyung Suk, when she first him, while her classmates said that she did this every time she saw someone good-looking.


Chapter 4

Ha Neul first meets Hyung Suk on the first day of school, and immediately begins flirting with him. Hyung Suk blushes because it was the first time a girl had ever flirted with him.

When Hyung Suk fell asleep in class and woke up in his original body, he tried to fall asleep in his original body. When he wasn't able to wake up, he started swearing. Ha Neul approaches his new body to try to wake him up. When Hyung Suk wakes up in his new body, he was still swearing, which shocked Ha Neul. However, she only liked him even more afterwards.

Chapter 5

Ha Neul is shown talking with Jin Sung and Jin Sung's friends. Jin Sung had beat up Hyung Suk in his original body the night before and had taken a picture of Hyung Suk with his pants down to ensure that he didn't say anything. Jin Sung's friends were showing off the picture when Hyung Suk walks in. Ha Neul calls to Hyung Suk, telling him that Jin Sung's friend had something fun to show him. Hyung Suk gets mad because they were making fun of him.

Chapter 6

When Jin Sung's friend offers to show Ha Neul the picture of Hyung Suk, Ha Neul refuses reluctantly because even though she wants to see, she doesn't want Hyung Suk to think badly of her.

Later, when two girls come up to Hyung Suk to flirt and ask if he has a girlfriend, Ha Neul immediately barges in and asks if he would like to hang out with her instead.

When Jin Sung's friend insults Hyung Suk's mother and Hyung Suk tells him he's gone too far, Jae Yeol, Jin Sung's friends, Mijin, and Ha Neul look surprised. Jin Sung, however, is outraged because Hyung Suk had made a fool of him in front of Mijin. 



Paprika TV

In the Paprika TV arc, Ha Neul was going to buy a purse when Yui told her that it wasn't pretty and didn't suit her. Ha Neul reluctantly decides not to buy it, and was shocked when she saw Yui the next day with the same purse. She soon realizes that Yui is interested in Hyung Suk, and thinks that they would make a good couple because she believes they both are rich. Later, she realizes that Yui was earning money off of Paprika TV, a live-broadcasting platform where watchers can gift broadcasters with "balloons" that can be, then, exchanged for money. Ha Neul decides to start broadcasting as well. She immediately rises to the top of the charts after a week. Meanwhile, a user named Gangnam Landlord gifts her with a lot of balloons. It is shown that he used to follow Yui, creeping her out. Ha Neul doesn't realize anything wrong, but Gangnam Landlord is actually a stalker who used his savings on Ha Neul and feels entitled to love in return. When he runs out of money and Ha Neul stops paying attention to him, he feels betrayed and buys a knife at the convenience store where Hyung Suk works along with his customary bottle of whiskey. Hyung Suk, noticing something is wrong, follows him, informs the police and Vasco of what's going on, and protects Ha Neul from the stalker. The stalker was apprehended by the police, and Ha Neul fell in love with Hyung Suk in his original body.

Mid Terms

When Hyung Suk was studying in his original body in the convenience store, Ha Neul walks in on her cellphone watching a BTS broadcast. Hyung Suk, worried for her safety after the Paprika TV arc, tells her she should leave. Ha Neul, realizing that he is studying, offers to tutor him, explaining that she is top of the class in Maths.

Autumn boot camp

Ha Neul was drinking with Hyung Suk, Ji Ho, Jin Sung, Mi Jin, and another girl. Because they all passed out afterwards drunk, except for Mi Jin who didn't drink a drop, they weren't caught by the camp counselors.

Abandoned dog Inu

Attention Whore

Dangerous Part Time Job

Vasco's Birthday Party

Illegal Toto

Athletics Competition

PTJ Entertainment


  • Ha Neul is into BTS, as shown in Chapter 39 when she is excited that they had replied to one of her comments