Jin Sung asked for a favor from Nam Soo to look for a Limited Edition Jordans Shoes from the Craiglist. Having no idea on how much it costs, he only gave Nam Soo $300. Nam Soo got no choice but to find it despite the fact that it is almost impossible to get it with that price because he did not have the courage to tell Jin Sung. Nam Soo who has almost given up found a person who agreed to sell him the shoes for that price who, through the profile picture, appears to be a beautiful lady. The two agreed to meet the following day at Gian Station.

The next day at school, Nam Soo informed Jin Sung that he had found the shoes. Nam Soo insisted on taking the shoes himself although Jin Sung wanted to take it himself, saying that he is experienced enough to spot the product's authenticity (although this is actually because he wanted to meet the girl).

Right after Nam Soo met the girl, he was startled with the presence of another two men who threatened to beat him up if he failed to pretend that they all are friends. He then realized that the girl was part of the scamming scene because she looked calm despite the situation. They all went to a quite, dead end, alley, and met the girl's boyfriend who presumably is the leader of the gang. Haeri (the girl) revealed that Nam Soo had been chatting with her boyfriend Woo Jin. Woo Jin took all the money and almost left when Nam Soo suddenly stopped him and begged for mercy, stating that it is not his money, but his friend's who is a boxer. Feeling insulted by thinking it was a threat, Woo Jin beat Nam Soo up.

The next day, he nervously informed about the whole incident to Jin Sung. Much to his surprise, Jin Sung didn't scold him nor hit him, but in fact felt guilty for not taking the shoes himself. Yui then came and joined the conversation. Yui suggested the idea for Jin Sung to try ordering from them again, this time with his own phone, telling them that although it's a fake phone, they will most probably will still be using it for a while due to the high cost. She also told Jin Sung to change his profile picture into someone else who looked like a pushover, and they all decided on using Jiho's picture. Jin Sung decided he would go and confront the thieves alone, but was surprised when Hyung Suk volunteered after prodding from Jin Sung's lackeys. The five of them begin to leave. Yui grabs Nam Soo and says they should go as well; Mi Jin, obviously worried for Jin Sung, makes the excuse to go looking for books in that area. Jae Yeol also follows (secretly) on his motorcycle.

While on the way there, Jin Sung, his lackeys, and Hyung Suk all run into Vasco and Bum Jae. After explaining the situation, Vasco joins them, telling Bum Jae not to come with. He and Jin Sung's lackeys stay behind. Bum Jae isn't worried because it's those three, Jin Sung, Vasco, and Hyung Suk between them. Meanwhile, they are being followed by a troublesome trio, Yui, Nam Soo and Mi Jin.

They all decide to rest at a cafe, and Jin Sung makes a (ugly) threatening face to some other guys (the lackeys to the thief who beat up Nam Soo). Vasco ignores it, and Hyung Suk is uncomfortable. Jin Sung notices the trio, mainly Mi Jin, and goes to greet them. The thug lackeys followed, and threaten Jin Sung, telling him to follow them after noticing the pretty Yui and Mi Jin. Nam Soo then sees Wu Jin, the thief, coming. Wu Jin surprises Jin Sung with a punch to the face, then punches him a couple more times before Jin Sung knows what's going on, much to Yui, Mi Jin and Nam Soo's horror. Mi Jin yells at Wu Jin, who wishes he could play with her a bit, but his girlfriend (Hye Ri, who helped him con Nam Soo) is there. They all walk away. Mi Jin wants to report it, but Jin Sung tells her not to.

Next, Wu Jin and his two henchmen (a big, judo guy and a kicking guy) wait for the meeting with a supposed weakling. Jin Sung, Vasco and Hyung Suk appear; Jin Sung is still bleeding from earlier. Jin Sung takes out the two henchmen temporarily, and uses the very technique that Hyung Suk used on him to hurt Wu Jin, but Jin Sung gets beaten by fatigue. A bunch of extras (more lackeys from Wu Jin's school) show up, and Vasco steps in. Unsurprisingly, Vasco's gang (the Burn Knuckles, BNC) shows up. They join the fight. Vasco waits patiently, and is jumped from behind by one of the three henchmen, the judo guy, who grabs Vasco's shoulders. Vasco easily raises his arms, breaking free effortlessly (of course). Vasco uses his famous vice grip (shoulder grab) to bring him down. Everyone who's felt it sympathizes with the pain. Meanwhile, Jae Yeol smokes next to his motorcycle. Apparently, Wu Jin called more backup (sophomores), and Jae Yeol took them all down by himself. A new face (with another guy) appears, complimenting Jae Yeol's obvious skill. Of course, Jae Yeol protests (silently, of course), but the guy ignores it. He tells Jae Yeol that he should stop smoking or he won't get a lover, then he and the other guy leave. Jae Yeol drops his cigarette (probably thinking of Hyung Suk, huehue).

Back to the main events, we have Wu Jin feeling caged. He stupidly charges Hyung Suk, since he mistakes Hyung Suk's nervousness as weakness, and realizes that both Vasco and Jin Sung just calmly watch. He wonders why, trying to punch Hyung Suk, but of course our cinnamon roll dodges like a boss. Because of the girls behind him, Hyung Suk knows he can't do anything but fight, so he jabs (quick punch) at Wu Jin. Wu Jin jumps back before it hits him. Hyung Suk decides to retry a straight (Jin Sung's signature punch, which Jin Sung showed little Hyung Suk before), and steps forward, hooking (swinging from the side) him in the stomach, then going for the straight, right in the face (ouch). The fight is over. Vasco tells Wu Jin to cherish his girlfriend. Hye Ri cries over Wu Jin, holding his hand. Vasco cries (poor baby). Vasco insists that the BNC walk home because they don't have helmets (lol).

Jong Gun (the guy in the yellow jacket who wears glasses to hide his demon eyes) was watching the whole time, recognizing Hyung Suk's improvement. The beaten Wu Jin, leaning on Hye Ri, and the big, judo guy approach and notice Jong Gun (they were in the same high school; Jong Gun was probably the leader at the time). They chitchat, and Jong Gun's apparently the same age as them (has to take the qualifying exam for university).

Back at school, Jin Sung says Hyung Suk must be a boxer and he lied, and wants a rematch in the ring (an official boxing match). Hyung Suk didn't lie, obviously, so he protests this. Nam Soo notices that Jin Sung got his shoes in the end and envies it, knowing he couldn't have bought them for the amount of money Jin Sung had. That's when Yui asks Jin Sung if he'll study for mid-term exams (he won't), which makes Hyung Suk realize he didn't study at all. That brings an end to the Second Hand Rana Arc. (He'll study with Jae Yeol, hohoho.)