Lookism is about a boy named Hyung Suk who is bullied because of his looks. He decides to transfer schools, only to wake up in a new body.

Exposition (Chapters 1-10)

Chapter 2 

Hyung Suk's mother asks him if he's okay and scolds Tae Sung, which attracts the attention of some of Hyung Suk's female classmates who make a few comments about him. Hyung Suk, trying to calm his mother down, attempts to reassure her by stating that it was 'just a game' but this just angers his mother even more and she starts hitting Tae Sung repeatedly. Hyung Suk's female classmates continue making comments and this embarrassed him, leading him to become enraged. He then furiously yells at his mother, stating that she is embarrassing him and Hyung Suk apologises to Tae Sung. This secretly makes Hyung Suk feel miserable and he even called himself the 'world's biggest piece of trash'. After school ended, Hyung Suk was hesitant to go home but decided to slip into his room with a snack without his mom noticing. His mom noticed him anyway and made him sit down, talking to him about how he should transfer. Hyung Suk realises that his mother knew that he was getting bullied but pretended not to know. His mother reassures him that he doesn't have to worry about the financial expenses and he should just go away from his bullies so he can be happier and study better. Hyung Suk had his mixed emotions all tangled up and starts sobbing relentlessly.

Despite feeling guilty of leaving and ignoring his mother's burden, Hyung Suk listens to his mother and leaves with a bright, cheerful smile. He feels gladdened that he'll be able to start fresh and hopes that he can make some new friends. Hyung Suk finds his new home which turns out to be an old shack but feels happy and appreciates it, knowing that he'll live a newer and better life. Hyung Suk goes to the hair dresser and has his hair cut to a 'two-block' hairstyle. Afterwards, Hyung Suk thinks that his haircut makes him look very handsome and tough, but nobody else seems to think so since he looks strikingly similar to Kim Jong Un. When Hyung Suk finds Mi Jin looking at him, he thinks that she is interested in him, so he smiles at her. Jin Sung sees Hyung Suk smile at Mi Jin and thinks he's propositioning her. He confronts Hyung Suk, and may have gotten into a fight if Mi Jin had not steered him away, telling him not to act aggressively in public. While walking away, Mi Jin smiles apologetically at Hyung Suk for Jin Sung's behaviour. However, Hyung Suk takes the smile for flirting and asks Mi Jin and Jin Sung out for coffee. Unable to keep his anger under control, Jin Sung punches Hyung Suk in the face while bystanders take pictures and upload them online.

As shown in his new house, Hyung Suk is found crying and he continues to cry himself to sleep. When he wakes up, he casually goes to the bathroom and finds that the ceiling and sink look much lower than before. He then finds himself looking very different, with a slim figure and extraordinarily handsome appearance. He stays in utter shock before falling out of the bathroom in confusion and bewilderment, only to find his old body which is found to be sleeping peacefully on the floor.

Chapter 3

Hyung Suk, in his new body, ponders on who he should tell about the current situation and he finally decides to rely on himself. He attempts to wake his old body up but after failed attempts, Hyung Suk forcefully wakes his old body up with a harsh slap. He then wakes up in his old body and after a while, he learns that when one body is awake, the other body has to be asleep and that he has to come up with an even schedule. He finally decides to be in his new body during daytime while being in his old body during nightime.

The next day, two schoolgirls are shown commenting on the looks of some of the schoolboys and they compliment Beom, stating that his dyed hair looks cute. Beom secretly hears this as he walks by and stays pleased, thinking that 'it's his time to shine'. The girls continue talking about boys they found attractive and when Hyung Suk (in his new body) walks by them, they become awestruck and they start blushing intensely. Boom is seen admiring his reflection, commenting on how handsome he looks, and Hyung Suk accidentally bumps into his shoulder which irritates Beom. Beom turns around in annoyance to see who bumped into him but when he sees Hyung Suk's face, he becomes shocked and speechless. As Hyung Suk walks on the school campus, more people notice how extremely good-looking and handsome he looks and they all stay absolutely speechless. A girl sees him and excitedly runs up to him, checking his face and states that he's a ten. Hyung Suk, unaware of the expressions of the people, hopes that he doesn't get bullied like he did before.

Chapter 4

This chapter starts off in a classroom, where people are casually talking about how time flies so quickly. Hyun Do and his friends are talking about the immense heat and Hyun Do's friend commands Ji Ho to bring the power level of his fanning to 'level 3'. Ji Ho reluctant agrees because he has no choice and fans the three of them, secretly thinking about how humiliated he feels. A girl states that it's too cold and that they should stop but because they find her very unattractive, they insult her rashly. Mi Jin shivers and states that it's cold. Because she is very beautiful and attractive, they immediately stop the fanning which makes the first girl feel rather upset. The homeroom teacher comes in and tells everyone to be quiet, stating that there's a new transfer student. Everyone becomes curious and wonders whether they're a boy or a girl. Hyung Suk, being the new transfer student, enters the room and everyone becomes astounded at his heavenly attractiveness. Everyone thinks that he looks absolutely gorgeous but he doesn't seem to notice this. The girls' hearts race while the boys become slightly alert and jealous of his appearance.

Hyung Suk goes to his assigned seat and tries to make friends with whoever is next to him, so he smiles and greets whoever is next to him. To his shock, Hyung Suk realises that the person sitting next to him is Jin Sung, the boy who punched him earlier. Hyung Suk becomes extremely nervous and anxious while the rest of the class thinks about his striking appearance and how handsome he looks, including Jin Sung. Ha Neul drops a blue cloth which was wrapped around her waist to unveil her legs and revealing skirt and starts walking over to Hyung Suk. She introduces herself and starts flirting with him, which angers the other female students in the class. Hyung Suk becomes embarrassed since this is the first time someone has flirted with him but Jin Sung casually tells Ha Neul to sit because her flirting is annoying. This secretly exasperates Ha Neul but she stays calm and teases Jin Sung, trying to look good in front of Hyung Suk. Jin Sung turns around to see Mi Jin staring at Hyung Suk in awe and he becomes enraged, thinking about how much he's starting to hate Hyung Suk.

The next scene is set in the cafeteria, where Hyung Suk is serving himself lunch with Ha Neul next to him while everyone else, being absolutely awe-struck at his attractiveness, gazes at him with shocked faces. This annoys Ha Neul and she looks around to fend off the stares as she wants Hyung Suk to be hers and hers only. Hyung Suk, unaware of the situation, just thinks about how he doesn't have to serve others and becomes moved and happy. Hyun Do and his friends overhear the whispers of the people about Hyung Suk and his attractiveness and they become alert. They go to him and state that he needs to meet them after lunch, which worries Hyung Suk. Hyung Suk reluctantly listens and meets them after lunch, being frightened and worried that they might bully him and attack him like the school delinquents, in his old school, did before. Surprisingly, they offer him a cigarette and say that he must be a 'ladykiller' and that he should hook them up with some girls. Hyung Suk lies to them that he quit smoking (so that he doesn't have to smoke while not making himself look 'uncool') and informs them that he doesn't know any girls. The three other boys, including Hyun Do, feel intimidated and think of Hyung Suk as imposing while Hyung Suk quickly runs off in fear. Later, Hyung Suk is seen peacefully sleeping with Ha Neul watching him adoringly.

Hyung Suk wakes up in his old body and panics, trying to force himself to sleep while angrily swearing. Ha Neul slightly pushes him and this forces his new body to wake up and he accidentally swears while doing so because he kept swearing in his old body. This greatly shocks Ha Neul because it seems like he is swearing at her and the rest of the class is amused that he's 'telling the skank off'. Ha Neul seems displeased at first but it turns out that she likes him even more now. Also, contrary to common belief, Ha Neul is a T-rex.

Breakaway (Chapters 11-14)

Lee Jin Sung (Chapters 15-16)

Vasco (Chapters 17-18)

Hong Jae Yeol (Chapters 19-20)

Festival (Chapters 21-27)

Paprika TV (Chapters 28-33)

Second Hand Rana (Chapters 34-38)


  • Hyung Suk
  • Jin Sung
  • Eun Tae
  • Jae Yeol
  • Ji Ho
  • Mi Jin
  • Yui
  • Bum Jae
  • Hyun Do
  • Wu Jin (The scammer)
  • Hye Ri (Wu Jin's girlfriend)
  • Jong Gun

Midterms (Chapters 39-40)

Autumn Boot Camp (Chapters 41-45)

Pavlov's Dog (Chapters 46-50)

Lee Eun Tae (Chapters 51-57)

Abandoned Dog Inu (Chapters 58-62)

Attention Whore (Chapters 63-68)

Jae Yeol and Inu's Pups (Chapters 69-70)

Fitting Model (Chapters 71-72)


  • Hyung Suk
  • Jin Sung
  • Jae Yeol
  • Jae Hye
  • Mi Jin
  • Less well-known online clothes salesman
  • More well-known online clothes salesman
  • Music first year

Chapter 71

At the cafeteria, the girls stare as Jin Sung, Jae Yeol and Hyung Suk walk in. Jin Sung's ordering Hyung Suk to pour him a glass of water while Jae Yeol looks angrily on. The girls gossip about how Hyung Suk had gotten famous online, was really handsome, had good taste in clothes, and came from a wealthy family. A group of boys look upset at overhearing the gossip, and insults Hyung Suk.

Jin Sung's Date (Chapters 73-74)

Dangerous Part Time Job (Chapters 75-80)


  • Hyung Suk

Chapter 75

The chapter begins with Hyung Suk posing for his part time job as a fitting model.

Vasco's Birthday Party (Chapters 81-82)


Characters present in this arc include

  • Eun Tae
  • Bum Jae
  • Hyung Suk
  • Soo Jung
  • Mijin
  • Jin Sung
  • Taejoon

Chapter 81

It is the weekend, and Hyung Suk is heading to Vasco's birthday party with Enu. Due to his drinking problem, Hyung Suk assures himself that Vasco will hold the party at a normal cafe or restaurant. He reveals that both bodies were invited, but he wanted to go as his original.

Soo Jung is also jogging in her original body, saying that it has become a habit to run. However, she meets Enu, who bites her, and realizes that Hyung Suk is also close by. They make small talk, and both of them lament being in their original bodies; Hyung Suk thinking that he cannot talk to her because if his new body had no chance, his original does not have any either, and Soo Jung thinking that she cannot talk to him because all guys like pretty girls. They both head to the Han River, thinking that they "don't want to split."

Vasco turns out to be partying in the park, in the wintertime, on a blanket. He is incredibly happy that Hyung Suk made it, and the latter excuses his new body by saying that he is sick. Vasco asks if Soo Jung is Hyung Suk's girlfriend, which he denies. Three Burn Knuckles are there, as well as Jin Sung and Minjin, and they are all freezing, and Hyung Suk tries to ask Vasco to go indoors, but Vasco is so happy that no one has the heart to say it.

The Burn Knuckles apparently had a party at a pork restaurant, and they had drawn lots to see who would go to the park party, because "we didn't all need to die," Bum Jae explains to Hyung Suk. Jin Sung tries to leave the fool's party, but Mijin convinces him to stay. They sing Happy Birthday to Vasco, and everyone is relieved when the candles are blown out, as surely Vasco would move inside now; but Vasco pretends not to notice and blows anyway.

Hyung Suk gives Vasco pictures of Enu's pups, since he knows about Vasco's love of dogs. Vasco is touched. Bum Jae, who searched for months, presents Vasco with a Special Edition Heroman figurine. Vasco is moved. Jin Sung grabs a rock and writes "GOOD LUCK" on it, insisting that it was a treasure from his mother and it will grant good luck to its owner. Vasco is again moved, as the others note that Jin Sung isn't even bothering to hide the magic marker. Taejoon creates a Pacebook account for Vasco and gathers 100,000 followers, which Vasco responds to with apathy.

Vasco wants to play a recreational mating game, in which "three" consists of the third Burn Knuckle, Bum Jae, and Hyung Suk, the last two wondering what would happen to Vasco and Soo Jung. Bum Jae tries again to move the party indoors but fails. Vasco calls "two" and reaches for Mijin, but Jin Sung, in a burst of fury, clips his nose. Vasco, blood streaming from his face, insists that it was an accident, and they move on.

Hyung Suk is chosen to play Duck, Duck, Goose. The three Burn Knuckles try again to talk to Vasco, but when he thanks Bum Jae for always being his friend, Bum Jae is too moved to speak. Jin Sung tries to leave again, but it stopped by Mijin. Then, Jin Sung thinks about making Vasco mad. He takes out the Heroman figurine, replaces it with his rock, and throws the present into the river, saying that "Heroman went for a swim in the water." Vasco jumps in after the present.

Chapter 82

Vasco yells that he will not come out of the river until he finds Bum Jae's present. Bum Jae calls out to him, but Jin Sung stops him, saying that if there is a fight to come, Vasco should use up his strength before it.

Police have arrived ono the scene, and Vasco has knocked out the entire Rescue Team. The Police ask if there is a tranquilizer gun for catching bears, to which the answer is negative. Jin Sung realizes that Vasco's stamina is limitless. A reporter hears Vasco repeating the words "gift" and "precious" and deduces that he has been heartbroken by a lover. At last, Jin Sung jumps into the river with the figurine that he took out earlier and calls to Vasco.

Vasco and Jin Sung get out and have some warm drinks, but Vasco realizes that Jin Sung's rock and the Heroman box are still missing. Vasco again jumps into the river, intent on finding the rock. All the guys jump into the water as Mijin and Soo Jung wonder if they should call the authorities again. Hyung Suk starts drowning and is saved by Enu. While Soo Jung is desperately trying to make Hyung Suk wake up, Eli appears on the scene and creates another Good Luck rock. He hands it to Jin Sung, who waves it at Vasco again. Everone starts getting out of the river when Vasco notices something.

Jin Sung ceremoniously turns to present the rock to Vasco again when he sees Vasco holding both the box and the rock. Vasco demands to know who was at the root of the problem, and everyone points to Jin Sung. The party ends with Jin Sung's K.O.

Jae Yeol is seen watching the 9 o'clock news as he sees Soo Jung kneeling over Hyung Suk on television. Zoe also sees this and wonders sadly why Hyung Suk is with another girl. Soo Jung, now in her new body, snaps a picture of this scene of the TV and happily saves it as her background picture on her phone.

Illegal Toto (Chapters 83-90)


Characters present in this arc include

  • Hyung Suk
  • Eun Tae

Sports Festival (Chapters 91-94)


Main characters include

  • Hyung Suk
  • Jae Yeol
  • Pyun Duk Hwa
  • Eun Tae
  • Jin Sung
  • Mijin

Chapter 91

Jin Sung has not been to school lately, and Jiho asks the class president who will run on Sports Day. Yui is in the second position, and the president decides that anyone fast enough to dodge Jin Sung's punches can run quickly as well. Hyung Suk is put as the anchor, and after seeing this, Jae Yeol volunteers for third. They are missing a girl runner when Jin Sung appears, having been in special training, and is intent on proving to Mijin that he is better than Hyung Suk.

In a men's soccer game bewteen the Fashion and Practical Music departments, Jin Sung scores a goal from close up. Fashion's costume is a honeybee while Practical Music is dressed as animals. As Hyung Suk gets the ball, Jin Sung thinks that Hyung Suk cannot do any better than what he did, getting past ten guys. Then, Jin Sun thinks of his experiences seeing his bullies kick a ball, and scores a long-distance shot.

In tug of war, Music vs Vocal and Dance, Practical Music prevails. The next is Fashion vs. Architecture, the latter dressed as riding dinosaurs, and Vasco challenges Hyung Suk to a one-on-one tug of war contest.

Chapter 92

The tug of war commences, and Jin Sung causes a Fashion forefeit by purposefully tying Hyung Suk's end of the rope to a basketball hoo, which Vasco pulls down anyway. Jin Hobin kicks Duk Hwa to take out his frustration.

In Practical Music vs. Architecture's Break the Gourd, Practical Music wonders why none of the Architecture students are throwing. Then, they realize that they are just waiting for Vasco, who breaks the gourd in one shot. Jin Sung also throws well in Fashion vs. Vocal and Dance, but Hyung Suk also delivers the final blow. Again, Jin Hobin smacks Duk Hwa, callling him a roadblock. After Duk Hwa insists that he has done nothing wrong, he is beaten in a deserted alley. Vasco appears to help him, telling him that he is cool before taking off his shirt.

Chapter 93

Jin Hobin's two sidekicks watch in horror as Jin Hobin mocks Vasco, calling him "the fool from Construction Dept." However, as Jin Hobin tries a leg sweep on Vasco, the latter refuses to budge, and instead flips Jin with one hand, effetively removing his sunglasses. Duk Hwa asks Vasco if he can become strong as well, to which Vasco tells him to do a hundred pullups, a hundred situps, a hundred squats, and a ten kilometer run every day.

The last event is the relay race. Since the beaty department has only one guy when there is need of two, Jin Sung has volunteered to help, and he faces calls of traitor has he stands beside Hyung Suk and Ho Jeong. As Eli and Jae come racing, neck to neck, Hyung Suk internally thanks Jae for the baton. Hyung Suk and Jin Sung race, and they are both running at the same speed.

Chapter 94

Jin Sung pulls ahead near the end of the race. Since Mijin is watching, he is determined to win.

Young Mijin shows young Jin Sung her stuffed bear Brownie, calling it her best friend. Jin Sung calls it childish, and asks what he is if the bear is her best friend. As Mijin drops Brownie, Jin Sung demands if this is how she treats her best friend when he realizes Mijin is in pain. After running Mijin to the hospital, it is revealed that Mijin had burst her appendix, but she thanks Jin Sung, saying that he was amazing.

Meanwhile, in present day, Jin Sung runs out of stamina. Hyung Suk overtakes him by 0.04 seconds.

In the talent show, Hyung Suk and Duk Hwa perform again.

Jin Sung is sitting on the steps, mourning his loss, when Mijin and Hyung Suk come to find him. He does not hear Hyung Suk's explanation for being with Mijin and instead assumes that it is because he is a loser. However, Mijin drops her phone, which Hyung Suk fails to catch. However, Jin Sung is closer to the phone and is able to catch it. Mijin says he has saved Brownie again, and Jin Sung sees the bear keychain attached to her phone. Again, Jin Sung is called amazing, and he is in renewed spirit as he heads to the party. At the party, he continues to catch anything that is dropped.

Jin Sung and the Ghost Lady (Chapter 95)


Characters present in this arc include

  • Mijin
  • Jin Sung
  • Eun Tae
  • Bum Jae
  • Ghost
  • Hyung Suk

Chapter 95

It's raining and dark out. Mijin and Jin Sung are sharing an umbrella as they walk to school. Mijin had forgotten her cellphone at school, and Jin Sung had agreed to accompany her to school.

When at school, Mijin suddenly sees two figures and screams. It turns out to be Bum Jae and Eun Tae. Eun Tae clings to Bum Jae's back, shivering in fear. They great each other and ask if Jin Sung's ok. Jin Sung pretends he is, but he is actually frozen in fear.

It turns out that Eun Tae and Bum Jae are there because of the story of the ghost lady. Apparently, at the end of the school corridor, there's a storage room that holds a portrait of the ghost lady. The story goes that the lady had married rich, but had been chased into the streets on a rainy day right after her children were born. Hence, she haunts the schoolyard when it rains, trying to find her children. If someone who isn't a child looks into her eyes, they will die unless they either cry like a baby or give her a doll. If they give her a doll, the ghost lady would be so glad that she would disappear and grant the person a wish.

Eun Tae says that he's come because he wanted to make a wish for people to stop saying he's stupid. Jin Sung, trying to act cool despite his obvious fear, laughs at Eun Tae's superstitious ideas, making fun of Eun Tae, saying that ghosts don't actually exist. Bum Jae tells him that, if he isn't afraid, he should go and sign his name on the glass frame around the portrait.

When Jin Sung arrives at the storage room, he realizes that the lights can't open. He then rushes over to a pane of glass, only to see the portrait of the ghost lady leering at him, bloodshot eyes wide. Jin Sung hurriedly signs his name on the glass and skidaddles. As he runs back to the classroom, he cries like a baby just in case.

At the classroom, Bum Jae is incredulous that Jin Sung had actually signed his name on the portrait. He wants to go check it out immediately with Eun Tae, but, Eun Tae, frightened, tells him to go tomorrow instead.

The next morning, the school is abuzz with the news that Jin Sung had signed his name on the portrait, and everyone flocks to the storage room to see if it is true.

When they get there, they realize that Jin Sung's signature isn't on the glass frame outside the portrait, but on the windowpane. Jin Sung realizes that the portrait's lady's eyes are closed, and that he had actually seen the ghost the night before. He faints and wets his pants.

In the end, he explains that whether he had hallucinated due to fear or had actually seen a ghost, the important thing is that Mijin saw him wet his pants.

In the epilogue, Hyung Suk says that he's felt as if someone was following for a while already. He wonders if he's ill. The ghost lady is seen following him, blushing. The chapter ends, saying that the ghost lady seems to have fallen in love.

PTJ Entertainment (Chapters 96-109)

Jae Yeol's Wallet (Chapter 110-111)


  • Park Ji Ho
  • Jae Yeol
  • Jae Hye
  • Hyung Suk
  • Jin Sung
  • Bullies
  • Ji Ho's friends

Chapter 110

Ji Ho had just gotten his mom to buy him a new Vibe limited edition backpack, and his friends were fawning over it. However, when Ji Ho was with Jae Yeol and Hyung Suk, the girls didn't notice him but, instead, at Jae Yeol and Hyung Suk. Ji Ho thought it is because Jae Yeol and Hyung Suk both had a lot of money to buy expensive clothes and silently berates them for not having to work hard to get expensive goods, even though his mother had bought him the backpack.

All of a sudden, Ji Ho notices that Jae Yeol had forgotten his wallet when he rushed over to Hyung Suk's seat when Hyung Suk said he didn't know how to do a problem. Ji Ho comments on how Jae Yeol's so good to Hyung Suk it's ridiculous, running to him just because Hyung Suk had called. Ji Ho is about to call out to Jae Yeol to tell him about his wallet, but decides to pocket it instead to play a prank on Jae Yeol.

Ji Ho, Jae Yeol and Hyung Suk are later at the convenience store, and Ji Ho's thanking Jae Yeol for buying him a lot of snacks. Jae Yeol waves at him while Hyung Suk translates that Jae Yeol's telling him it's fine and for him to eat up. The lady at the counter tells them it's 21500 won. When Jae Yeol reaches into his jacket to pay for the snacks, Ji Ho looks on expectantly, thinking he'll look ridiculous when he realizes his wallet's gone. However, Jae Yeol takes out his cell phone and pays with it instead. Jae Yeol and Hyung Suk bow to the sales lady and leave.

Later, in the washroom, Ji Ho huffs, saying that it's no fun and that, if he had known, he would have just given Jae Yeol the wallet. He opens Jae Yeol's wallet to find pictures of Inu and an American Express credit card, which Ji Ho mistakenly thinks is a VIP card for a coffee shop. He then sees a 10 million won check in the wallet. Scared, he realizes he's landed himself in big trouble.

He then resolves to go and return the wallet to Jae Yeol, say he's just found it, and apologize, but decides to go and sneakily return it to Jae Yeol instead so Jae Yeol wouldn't know.

Ji Ho first tries to stick it in Jae Yeol's left pant pocket while walking past Jae Yeol. However, when he sneaks up to Jae Yeol, Jae Yeol sees three bees and hits them out of the air because Jae Yeol's scared of bugs. Ji Ho, after witnessing Jae Yeol's reflexes, decides to try another plan instead.

He then tries to put it in Jae Yeol's backpack after school is out. However, no matter how hard Ji Ho pulled on it, it wouldn't open. When Jae Yeol comes along, Ji Ho realizes it has a fingerprint lock.

Ji Ho then tries to catch Jae Yeol when he's leaving school, apologize, and return the wallet to him, only to have Jae Yeol rush away on a motorcycle.

As Ji Ho walks back home, he resignedly wonders how he can contact Jae Yeol again because he doesn't know Jae Yeol's phone number. After all, it's 10 million won. Then, Ji Ho realizes that all he has to do is put the wallet in Jae Yeol's desk. However, just as he realizes it, a trio of bullies come and forces him to exchange backpacks. Ji Ho belatedly realizes that Jae Yeol's wallet, containing the 10 million won, was still in the backpack they had stolen.

Chapter 111

Ji Ho rushes to the convenience store where original Hyung Suk works, and tells Hyung Suk everything. Ji Ho and Hyung Suk then confront the bullies at the playground, only for the bullies to beat them up. Hyung Suk realizes that, although he'd been able to clearly see every punch and kick directed his way, he was unable to do anything because his reflexes were too slow. Hyung Suk then returns to the bullies with his new body, asking for them to return the bag. The bullies do so immediately and try to suck up to him. New Hyung Suk then takes Ji Ho to Jae Yeol's home. They then see Jae Hye, Jae Yeol's younger sister. When they ask if Jae Hye lives with Jae Yeol, she answers that her brother lives alone, but she's come over to play. Jae Hye then tells them Jae Yeol's just left, but she'll text him telling him they're there. Jae Yeol's answer is very frenzied, and Jae Hye explains that he said he's coming back immediately, and says it's not like her brother to do so. She then tells them Jae Yeol had asked her to help him find his wallet. Hyung Suk immediately begins to tell her that they have Jae Yeol's wallet, but Ji Ho stops him, not wanting to look bad in front of a pretty girl. He decides that it would be fine if he just threw the wallet inside of Jae Yeol's bedroom.

However, when Ji Ho opened the door, he saw Inu's pups inside, barking at him and telling him to leave because they thought he was a thief. They jump at him, biting him. Ji Ho flings them to the ground and throws the wallet at them, only to infuriate Inu for bullying her children. Inu starts to attack him.

Meanwhile, Jae Hye greets Jae Yeol as he gets home. He's sweaty from running, panting and holding a plastic bag. She tells him she's come over to play and asks where he's been. Hyung Suk explains that Ji Ho's come as well, and that, if Hyung Suk had known earlier, he would have told Jae Yeol he was coming beforehand. Jae Yeol, seeing Hyung Suk, immediately starts cleaning the room, while Jae Hye tells him it's already clean. Ji Ho walks out, clutching at his arm and limping, his clothes ripped. Inu barks from behind, saying that she'd caught a thief. That's when Ji Ho sees the bag Jae Yeol is holding, which is full of 10 million won checks. Hyung Suk says that he didn't know Jae Yeol had gone out collecting the checks, and that Hyung Suk had a lot of them too. It turns out that the checks were just pamphlets promoting the online clothes shop that Hyung Suk poses for, and Hyung Suk's picture is printed on the back. Ji Ho realizes that all his work was for nothing and faints.

~the day before~

Jae Yeol was walking through the streets when he receives a pamphlet for the clothing store that Hyung Suk works for. People were throwing them away when they realized they weren't checks. When Jae Yeol puts Hyung Suk's picture in his wallet, he smiles.

Why Hyung Suk Can't Lose Weight (Chapter 112)


  • Eun Tae
  • Hyung Suk
  • Ji Ho

Chapter 112

Eun Tae realizes that, even though original Hyung Suk had perservered in exercising for 3 months already, he wasn't getting any thinner. So he's determined to find out why. That day, Eun Tae followed Hyung Suk to the convenience store.

When a customer began to berate Hyung Suk for not heating up the food and was acting really confrontational, Eun Tae told him to heat it himself, and that store employees are still people. Hyung Suk tries to get Eun Tae to stop because the customer is known for his bad temper, but, instead, the customer apologizes meekly.

Later, when a middle-aged looking woman comes over to buy alcohol, Eun Tae asks for her identification. Angered, she asks how old they were to be ordering her around. Eun Tae replies he's 16. Hyung Suk tries to explain that the lady has bought alcohol every day already, but, instead, the woman apologizes and calls Eun Tae "oppa," showing that she was actually younger than them.

When nobody was coming, Hyung Suk began to exercise during the break. Eun Tae watches him, wondering why he wasn't losing any weight even though he was so diligent. Suddenly, Hyung Suk sits down, saying he's very tired so he should replenish his energy. He starts wolfing down a hamburger. Eun Tae realizes the reason why Hyung Suk can't lose any weight is because he's eating so much and orders that Hyung Suk goes on a diet. Hyung Suk can't stand it, and starts wondering why his other body wasn't getting fat even though they both eat the same amount. All of a sudden, he realizes the fifth truth: his other body's shape can't change.

The next day, at the cafeteria, Hyung Suk heaps food onto his plate and wolfs it all down. Girls, seeing him, giggles and says he eats like a man. However, when Ji Ho tries to do the same thing, they call him uncivilized and dirty instead.

However, at night, Hyung Suk realizes that, no matter how much his new body eats, his original body is still very hungry. When he goes training with Eun Tae in the morning, he feels weak and hungry. He takes out a banana that he had saved from before, but Eun Tae snatches it away, saying that he shouldn't eat it. Hyung Suk starts to cry, and, when Eun Tae takes a large bite of the banana, something breaks within Hyung Suk because, whenever Hyung Suk is very hungry, he would lose control. He rushes at Eun Tae, arms flailing. Eun Tae tries to tell him to calm down a little, but Hyung Suk punches him hard, and Eun Tae is only barely able to block it. (continued in the next arc)

Stalker (Chapters 113-120)


  • Hyung Suk
  • Stalker girl
  • Eun Tae
  • Ha Neul
  • DG
  • Soo Jung
  • Eun Tae (mentioned)
  • Jae Yeol
  • 俊九
  • hacker guy
  • Jong Gun

Chapter 113

After Hyung Suk punched him, Eun Tae, frantic, gets into a fighting stance, trying to tell Hyung Suk to calm down. Hyung Suk, still crying, gets into a fighting stance as well as he demands the banana back. As Hyung Suk lunges to punch Eun Tae, Eun Tae realizes that taking a punch like that would hurt a lot, and, apologizing and not knowing how else to stop Hyung Suk, hits Hyung Suk in the neck, rendering him unconscious.

Hyung Suk wakes up in his new body, embarrassed that he had acted the way he did. He realizes that he had completely lost control and puts on his jacket to go and find Eun Tae and his unconscious other body. However, just as he tries to call Eun Tae, he sees his vision blurring again.

It turns out that Eun Tae, frantic, had woken him up by sticking the banana in his mouth. Apologizing and crying, Eun Tae promises that Hyung Suk can eat the banana. Hyung Suk, realizing that his other body was now lying unconscious somewhere, tries to tell Eun Tae not to wake him up, only to feel himself losing consciousness again.

Hyung Suk wakes up in his new body to see a girl above him, trying to wake him up. She asks if he's ok and apologizes, saying that she saw him suddenly faint. Hyung Suk wonders if there had been someone there earlier, but thinks nothing of it. Thinking he must have scared her, he reassures her that he's fine and thanks her. The girl suddenly retreats, apologizing for touching him, and Hyung Suk, thinking she must be very introverted, says she shouldn't apologize and that, if anything, he should thank her for helping him.

At that moment, Eun Tae rushes over, crying, original Hyung Suk on his back. Eun Tae calls out to new Hyung Suk, telling him "little Hyung Suk's fainted." Eun Tae continues to cry, saying that, when he called 102, nobody picked up. Hyung Suk tells him it's 120, but secretly feels relieved that it was Eun Tae to find his body, because he couldn't remember the number to call the ambulance.

Hyung Suk thanks the girl as Eun Tae continues to cry and say it was all because he didn't let little Hyung Suk eat the banana. Eun Tae desperately offers to give Hyung Suk artificial respiration while Hyung Suk tells him that it's fine...

Meanwhile, the girl thinks that Hyung Suk has fallen in love with her and that, this time, her love wasn't one side. At the same time, she picks up the key to Hyung Suk's room that Hyung Suk had accidentally left behind.

In a flashback, the girl remembers going up to her childhood crush, Xi Min. The girl asked him if he thought the butterfly ring she made by herself looked good and if it suited her. She said that she wanted to make one for him too. However, Xi Min and his friend both looked disgusted and told her to leave. When others began to make fun of Xi Min, saying that the "skeleton" liked him, he angrily denies it and rudely tells her to leave and stop talking to him.

The girl then remembers how, in school when she was older, people would gossip about her, saying she's gloomy, that they feel uncomfortable just looking at her, saying that she looks disgusting, and saying that they're unlucky because they have to work in the same group with her for a project.

She then remembers how, now, her neighbours would still gossip about her, wondering what she does, and why she's always cooped up in her room, saying that she smells, and wondering if she has a skin disease, going so far as to say that she should leave because she was bringing down the house prices.

Meanwhile, the girl scratches at her arm, thinking that nobody loves her, that she shouldn't have been born, and that she was very lonely.

The scene then cuts to PTJ's CEO, DG’s, office. Soo Jung's asking DG what he's plotting with her dad because her dad doesn't tell her anything. DG replies that it's because she doesn't ask him. She responds by congratulating him because he's looked happier after becoming the CEO, but he says that his good mood isn't because he's become the CEO. Soo Jung says that it must be because of the paparazzi then, because she hasn't been heard from for a while. DG shivers, saying that that creep isn't just a paparazzi but a full blown stalker.

Hyung Suk's working in the convenience store. It's raining out, and Hyung Suk's saying that it would have been terrible if he had lost his key because he almost wasn't able to go back home, so it's lucky that he found the key outside his front door.

Meanwhile, his new body sleeps at home. As the thunder rolls, the girl Hyung Suk had met that morning crouches in front of him, grinning.

Chapter 114

Hyung Suk wakes up the next morning to find that all the dishes in the sink were clean. He is confused because he doesn't remember cleaning the plates, but blames it all on the diet, saying that he's been rather forgetful lately. When he leaves to go to school, he sees the girl crouched outside his front door. She's wearing a white dress, pink high heels, and a pink sweater, so she's shivering in the cold. She calls out Hyung Suk's name and makes small talk with him. Hyung Suk wonders if he's told her his name before, but decides it doesn't matter. He greets her and says that she must live close by. Then, he realizes that she's eating something and wonders what it is. She says that it must be fate for them to meet, and that she was just passing by. Hyung Suk is incredulous because she is crouching there, and wonders why she's wearing a dress when it's so cold, but doesn't comment on it.

She suddenly holds out her hand and asks if Hyung Suk likes her ring. it's the same ring that she had shown her childhood crush. Hyung Suk thinks that it must have personal importance to her, and answers that it looks really pretty and asks if she's made it herself. She is delighted by his response and decides that he must be very kind. Just when she's about to ask him another question, Ha Neul shows up, offering to walk to school with him. She then asks if Hyung Suk had done his homework and laughs, saying he's done for, when he says he didn't know there was homework. Meanwhile, the girl looks on angrily. Ha Neul then asks if original Hyung Suk was still asleep, and Hyung Suk tells the girl to go home because it was rather cold out. Ha Neul then hands the girl a hot packet, telling her that she should take it because the weather was so cold.

When Ha Neul and Hyung Suk leave for school, the girl glares after her, biting her fingernails, angrily denouncing her for trying to "seduce" Hyung Suk, just because she looked a little pretty, and that she and Hyung Suk were one and couldn't be torn apart. She then remembers how Hyung Suk had told her to go back home because it was so cold out and laughs, saying that, no matter what tricks Ha Neul has up her sleeve, Hyung Suk would love her alone. She then takes out the key to Hyung Suk's home, saying that she'll listen to him and return to their "love nest."

When she enters Hyung Suk's home, she says "I'm back," as if she were returning to her own home. She then says that the place smells like Hyung Suk and notices he had eaten instant noodles for breakfast, commenting that it was very unhealthy and, after they were married, she would make meals for him every day. She then smiles, saying that he's accepted her because he'd used the dishes she'd washed for him and proceeds to take the dirty dishes to the sink, saying that she's such a dutiful wife for him. However, instead of washing the dishes, she licks them clean instead.

She then goes to fold the sheets, only to find original Hyung Suk sleeping in them. She angrily wonders who was this fat pig who was lying there, that maybe it was Hyung Suk's roommate, but says she didn't see him yesterday. She then says, no, this was her spot, and this pig had no right to sleep there and grabs a kitchen knife.

Chapter 115

The girl grabs the kitchen knife, disgustedly looking at Hyung Suk's sleeping body and says that a fat, ugly pig like him has no right to sleep next to Hyung Suk, she then raises the knife, poised to stab at Hyung Suk. However, at that very moment, the door opens, showing original Hyung Suk coming home after a rough day. He looks around and sees that the room's suddenly become cleaner and wonders if he's hallucinating. He then notices the kitchen knife lying on the ground next to his mattress and thinks it odd because he hadn't remembered taking it out. He then saw that the dishes had been washed already again. As he takes a shower, he decides that his mother couldn't have come over and washed the dishes and muses if his original body had dreamwalked and washed the dishes while asleep or if it was a new manisfestation of his dual bodies. Meanwhile, the stalker crouches outside his shower, watching him through the curtains.

As Hyung Suk dries his hair, he walks over to his original body, slapping himself awake to get ready for work. Then, he uses his new body to continue drying his hair, saying that he doesn't want to go to work and deciding to eat before he goes. All this time, the stalker watches, wide-eyed, from behind the bathroom door.

Soo Jung walks by Hyung Suk's home to see the stalker taking out the trash. She says that there are only two boys living inside that house, and asks who she is. The stalker replies that she and Hyung Suk are one and that they are family. She then asks if Soo Jung is his friend. Soo Jung replies "ah, yes" whist thinking of the original Hyung Suk and wondering if the stalker is Hyung Suk's sister. The stalker girl, angered by this reply, asks if they are close, and Soo Jung, surprised, says, "no, not at the moment..."

After Soo Jung leaves, the stalker says that there are so many b**ches trying to seduce her husband, and that, because Soo Jung had seen her, she couldn't continue staying here, while biting at her nails agitatedly. She sees her ring and puts her hand in Hyung Suk's hair, saying that he belongs to her.

Meanwhile, at Hyung Suk's convenience store, Ha Neul is speculating whether or not the girl is stalking Hyung Suk because she says she'd seen her before too, but hadn't paid much attention because she had been walking too fast. She says that, now that she thinks about it, it seems kinda strange and wonders if the girl might have entered Hyung Suk's home. At that moment, Soo Jung barges in worriedly, sweating from running. Soo Jung and Ha Neul both wonder who the other is, because they keep seeing each other around original Hyung Suk. When Hyung Suk asks if she needs anything, Soo Jung replies that she's not there to buy anything but wants to know if Hyung Suk has a sister. Hyung Suk rushes home, scared, and looks around, only to find nobody there.

The next day, Hyung Suk tapes pieces of tape to the door, and, when he rushes home, realizes that they hadn't been touched, showing nobody had opened the door during the day. He pushes the door open, and sees nothing has been touched and everything was just as messy as before. He rushes to the sink and is incredibly relieved to realize that the dishes hadn't been washed either.

In a moment of dramatic irony, the scene cuts to a cockroach, and then zooms out to show that it was crawling on the stalker girl's face as she lies in the space under the kitchen sink, grinning and saying that, as long as she's able to see Hyung Suk, she would be happy.

As she lies under the sink, she sees original Hyung Suk slap his new body to get ready for school, and wonders why, whenever he switches bodies, one of them falls unconscious. She grins creepily as she realizes that it means that she should be able to take one of them.

Chapter 116

The next morning, Hyung Suk and Soo Jung see each other while jogging. Soo Jung asks him whether he comes exercising everyday after work. Hyung Suk replies yes, and that he exercises with a friend (Vasco) every morning before going home. Soo Jung, finding something in common, exclaims that she also often exercises as well. Hyung Suk looks at her suspiciously, wondering if she's bragging about staying in shape, and sighs that it's true when you dislike someone, everything about them bothers you somehow. He wonders why original Soo Jung is so much better than new Soo Jung even though they were sisters. At the same time Soo Jung thinks that original Hyung Suk is kind, fond of small animals, determined, and hard working, and wonders why someone as good as him would live with someone like new Hyung Suk, and decides it must be because original Hyung Suk is too kind.

She asks Hyung Suk whether the stalker's been coming around anymore lately, and he replies that no, she hasn't, and thanks Soo Jung for helping, but asks how she knew which place was his. Soo Jung, not wanting to reveal that she's been investigating him under orders of her father, explains that she saw it when she came over to feed Inu. Hyung Suk asks where she's going after jogging, and she says she's going home to sleep and Hyung Suk says he'll do so as well. However, both of them are going to change bodies to go to school afterwards. Soo Jung escorts him back home, and is seen by the stalker. The stalker angrily wonders who she is and decides she must have her eyes on new Hyung Suk and wants to steal him away.

Ha Neul comes over right afterwards, asking if he'd seen the stalker again and offering to walk to school with him. She then notices how the place where Hyung Suk lives isn't really fancy, which doesn't fit with the rumour that he's from a wealthy background, which was started because of the clothes Jae Yeol had given him, so she asks what Hyung Suk's parents do. Hyung Suk, surprised, asks why she's bringing this up. She replies that she's just a little curious why he moved out, that's all. He answers that his mother does a little of everything, and that he moved out so he wouldn't get in her way. Ha Neul mistakenly believes that his mother's in charge of a huge company that dabbles in a bit of everything, and is incredibly impressed, and thinks that, now she thinks of it, Hyung Suk's clothes are all from really expensive brands, and commends him for wanting to be independent so early on.

Unbeknownst to them, the stalker watches them from within Hyung Suk's room, and thinks that Ha Neul is there to seduce Hyung Suk as well. She wonders when the permission form will be sent to her, and frantically check her cell phone only to smile when she realizes that it's just been approved.

While at school, Hyung Suk tells his classmates about his stalker, and Jae Yeol, worriedly listens in. Ha Neul offers to walk with Hyung Suk to school every morning, and says it'll be great if original Hyung Suk comes along as well. Soo Jung, hearing this, is angered, saying that it's bad enough that there's a stalker, but now Ha Neul was going to hang around original Hyung Suk as well, putting him in danger. She glares at new Hyung Suk, blaming him for endangering original Hyung Suk. New Hyung Suk, however, thinks that she's worried about him.

Jae Yeol suddenly hands Hyung Suk an utility knife, blushing. Hyung Suk smiles, confused, wondering if he had lent it to Jae Yeol earlier. As he looks down at the utility knife in his hands, however, he sees the ring the stalker had on, and realized that it must have been put onto him while he was asleep, showing that the girl was still in his home. Frantically, he runs back home and realizes that his original body had disappeared. He looks all over the place for a sign of the stalker. When he checks the space under the kitchen sink, he realizes that, although nobody was there, there were a lot of soiled adult diapers. The stalker girl appears behind him and tasers him.

Chapter 117

When Hyung Suk wakes up, he finds that he isn't in pain and realizes that he's in his original body, but he can't move because he's been bound.

The stalker is seen coming out of the bath, talking to an unconscious Hyung Suk. She says that the two of them can live together forever, and that she's put the "annoying pig" in a place where nobody would ever find him.

Meanwhile, original Hyung Suk tries to scream under the tape on his mouth and flails in his bonds. He tries rolling around and falls onto the ground. Suddenly, he feels something sharp and starts to use it to cut at his bonds. When he is finally able to take off his blindfold and open his eyes, he finds himself in a room that is covered with his own photographs. He realizes he'd fallen out of the closet full of wine bottles, and the sharp object he had used to cut off the ropes was actually a shard of glass from a broken bottle. He then sees photographs where his own figure had been cut out, and pieces of paper covered with orderly rows of "I love you Hyung Suk" only to be scribbled over with "Nobody sees me." After wondering for a while what he should do, he decides to run to the police office.

The policeman, upon hearing his story, are surprised at hearing his story and commends him for running to report it immediately. He then asks Hyung Suk if he knew what the woman looked like and what she was wearing at the time. Another policeman then says that they're going to prepare to go to the scene of the crime and asks Hyung Suk for the address. When Hyung Suk gives it however, the first policeman tells Hyung Suk to wait a moment because the address Hyung Suk had given was an hour away from the police station, which didn't fit with Hyung Suk's story that he had directly ran to the police office after he saw the crime. The police then comments on how Hyung Suk smells of alcohol, and decides he must be drunk. When Hyung Suk replies he hadn't drank, the police admonish him for lying and asks him questions about which school he goes to and for his parents' phone numbers.

Suddenly, Hyung Suk loses consciousness as his other body wakes to find himself bound to a chair with his arms behind his back. They're in another room that's also covered with pictures of himself, and there's a circle of candles surrounding them. He asks her why she's doing this to him, to which she replies that they are one and tells him to eat some takeaway noodles she'd ordered. She explains that this is their new home, and she'd specially decorated it for him, and that there were even some couple photos of them. The "couple photos" turn out to be collages in which she'd stuck her own picture next to his. She also explains that she's eating his fingernails and toenails as a snack, which was probably what she was eating when Hyung Suk saw her crouching outside his door in Chapter 114. She asks if he wants some too.

Hyung Suk exclaims that she can't do this, that she'd also kidnapped his "friend" and that this was illegal. However, the stalker only turns around, grinning, saying that she knew his "little secret".

Chapter 118

The stalker girl reveals that she knew about the fact that Hyung Suk had two bodies. Hyung Suk bluffs, scoffing at her and saying that there way it could be true, that, if he could change bodies, he wouldn't be tied up here in the first place, and that she should stop joking around and tell him where his friend is.

The stalker only smiles at him, saying that she knew he couldn't change bodies at will because he has to be slapped in order to change bodies. This is a misunderstanding because of the way Hyung Suk slaps himself awake in order to change bodies, but, instead of realizing that it's only a way of getting his other body conscious, the stalker thinks that the slapping is the key to changing bodies. She then berates him, saying that there are no lies between couples and that she knew everything about him while picking up the taser. She says that if he continues lying, she'll have to punish him with the taser. Meanwhile, Hyung Suk decides that he's going to use the misunderstanding to its full advantage, and, to do so, he'll have to find out where he is first because he's figured out this isn't where his original body had been held.

Smiling, he asks the stalker where they are, and, in order to suck up to her, calls her "wife." The stalker is delighted, telling him that he's in their new home. However, when Hyung Suk tries to pry for details such as what's the district or address, she figures out there's something wrong, turning on the taser threateningly and saying that he's going to spend his life with her.

Hyung Suk then bluffs again, saying that, if that's the case, he's not marrying her because "there should be no secrets between couples," as she had said before. The stalker starts crying, saying that he's lying and the only reason why he doesn't like her is because she's ugly. Hyung Suk frantically tries to reassure her it isn't the case, and the stalker then angrily replies he should marry her if looks aren't a problem. The stalker is angry, thinking he's lying to her, and tasers him again.

When Hyung Suk wakes up in his original body, he's still in the police station, and the police still think he's lying. He asks Soo Jung for help. The police promise to help and are very reverent towards Soo Jung because it turns out she's very close to the department head (the Chinese version uses the term "千金" which refers to a girl close enough to be your daughter.) When Soo Jung asks how Hyung Suk had contacted her without a cell phone, he explains he'd sent a message via computer to original Soo Jung and asked her to pass the message on. Soo Jung offers to help find new Hyung Suk, and Hyung Suk thanks her and leaves, saying he's already found a lead.

Soo Jung calls the hacker guy and tells him to locate Hyung Suk’s cellphone. The hacker guy tells her that he’s not going to do it, but Soo Jung only tells him Hyung Suk’s phone number and hangs up. She looks incredibly angry and says that nobody should bully her Hyung Suk (original Hyung Suk.)

Original Hyung Suk, on the other hand, heads to a telephone stand where he calls the number of the noodle restaurant where the stalker had called for takeaway (see chapter 117.) He’d memorized the phone number of the restaurant while tied up in his new body. He asks the restaurant to tell him the address of the woman who’d called for two bowls of noodles. However, when the restaurant owner hears his request, he seems to mistake Hyung Suk for a stalker instead and hangs up.

Soo Jung had already gotten the address from the hacker guy through text. He tells her that it’s a good thing Hyung Suk’s cell phone was still on, and tells her she shouldn’t go alone and should bring Jong Gun with her. She replies that Jong Gun had went with 俊九out of the country, and that it was an emergency, so she can deal with any danger by herself. The stalker replies that it’s true, she isn’t pretty when she gets mad either, and tells her that it’s free this time, but he wants her to think over his last request some more. As she gets closer to the address the hacker guy’s sent her, Soo Jung starts to get a little scared. However, when she arrives, she starts because she realizes she’s been here before.

Chapter 119

The stalker girl appears behind Soo Jung, and tasers her, telling her to rest assured, because she wasn’t about to kill her. She believes Soo Jung is here to seduce Hyung Suk.

The stalker then ties Soo Jung up in a chair next to Hyung Suk, saying that they should settle this dispute between themselves before “her husband” wakes up. Soo Jung then says that she knows the stalker, because she’s the fan that was bugging DG. The stalker asks if Soo Jung’s talking about her ex-boyfriend, and says that Soo Jung seems to have an interest in all of the stalker’s past boyfriends. She continues to say that Soo Jung can have DG because she herself is already married now. The stalker’s wearing a headdress, a white dress, and holding flowers, but Soo Jung realizes that the headdress is actually lace underwear and the stalker’d made the wedding dress herself.

Soo Jung asks her if she knows what she’s doing. After all, she’d already kidnapped 3 people already. The stalker laughs, saying she’s almost forgotten about “that pig”. She then starts to tell her backstory to Soo Jung, telling Soo Jung how she’d always been discriminated against because of her looks, but immediately starts talking about how a pig (original Hyung Suk) would dare to sleep in her spot without even realizing how unfit he is. Soo Jung points out this discrepancy, telling the stalker that, even though she blames society’s lookism, she herself is only attracted to handsome guys. Soo Jung angrily thinks that she’s had enough of people like the stalker and new Hyung Suk, who judges others based on their looks and hurt poor innocent original Hyung Suk. She tells the stalker that the stalker had always been a hypocrite and had always judged people based on their looks as well. Angered, the stalker lunges forward to taser Soo Jung, only for original Hyung Suk to walk in through the door.

In a flashback, original Hyung Suk had continued to call the noodle restaurant, telling the owner that he was trying to help a friend who was in danger. The owner, hearing that he was trying to help a friend, changes his mind about the matter extremely quickly and tells Hyung Suk the address. To Hyung Suk’s surprise, it turned out to be his home.

The stalker, confused, asks him how he changed bodies when she hadn’t slapped him, and Soo Jung, surprised, listens in. Hyung Suk wants to use his strength to defeat the stalker, but the stalker throws a candle at him, and, when he’s dodging the candle, sneaks up behind him and tasers him. He falls unconscious and wakes up in his new body. Meanwhile, Soo Jung starts crying for the stalker to stop hurting original Hyung Suk while the stalker continues to electrocute Hyung Suk’s original body even though it is unconscious. Soo Jung calls the stalker a stalker, and the stalker, angered, returns to taser her, asking her angrily if DG was the one to tell her so. However, new Hyung Suk blocks the taser, taking the blow for her, telling the stalker to come at him alone and not involve innocent people. The stalker begins to hit Hyung Suk repeatedly until he is covered with blood. She then tells him he should apologize, because then she’ll forgive him, but she doesn’t know Hyung Suk is only buying time for Soo Jung to escape while the stalker’s attention is focused on him. When the stalker tried to attack Soo Jung, Hyung Suk had not only blocked the blow but also had handed Jae Yeol’s utility knife to her so she could escape. However, even though Soo Jung’s hand was on the door knob, she didn’t know if she should just leave Hyung Suk behind.

Chapter 120

As Soo Jung neared the door, however, the stalker noticed Hyung Suk looking in Soo Jung’s direction and noticed her. The stalker immediately launches herself at Soo Jung, taser out.

The scene cuts to Jong Gun who is on the phone with the ha The hacker guy tells him that Soo Jung had left alone, and worried for her, had phoned Jong Gun to ask when he was coming back from overseas. Jong Gun says he’s coming back soon, and that 俊九 was still having a lot of fun beating someone up. He continued to say that he isn’t worried about her because he’d taught her some moves earlier.

Soo Jung kicks the stalker’s head, causing blood to come out of the stalker’s mouth. She says that this is a lot less than original Hyung Suk had to suffer and locks the door, telling the stalker to prepare to have her ass handed to her. However, the stalker, crying, grabs Soo Jung around her waist and squeezes, gaining energy from sheer willpower. Soo Jung aims her elbow at the stalker’s back, incapitating her in one blow. As the stalker falls to the ground, Soo Jung uses the taser to electrocute her. Hyung Suk, still tied up, thanks her while Soo Jung starts to change her opinion about him and wonders if she’d previously been prejudiced against him. However, even so, she asks him why he’d let her go earlier. When he replies that it’s because she’s a girl, she continues to say that the stalker’s a girl too, and tells him to stop judging people based on their looks. She then huffs, blushing, thinking that now they’re even, and that, before, they’d been full of prejudice against each other, and this may be the first time they’d seen each other for who they were inside.

The police had arrived and had put the stalker in handcuffs. As the stalker is led to the policecar, she cries for her "husband", trying to explain that her "husband" had two bodies. Meanwhile, the people around her snicker, saying she’s lost her mind. Hyung Suk smiles, thinking that nobody would believe the stalker’s words, but, behind him, Soo Jung, wide-eyed, seems to realize the truth.


The stalker girl asks two guys if they like her ring, and they answer that it’s really pretty, if she made it herself, and that she was very good with her hands. They ask her if she has a accessories shop and where it’s open. It turns out that the stalker had become really pretty. While in prison, she met a girl who had kept some makeup from the guards, realized the stalker girl could become really pretty, and taught her to apply makeup. When the stalker girl leaves prison, she uses the new technique to look beautiful, and she suddenly realizes that everyone’s asking her for contact information and even offering her jobs. The story ends with the girl from prison telling her the moral that who you are inside doesn’t matter because, in this world, everyone only cares about appearances.

Second Year (Chapters 121-122)

Troubled Transfer (Chapters 123-126)

First Love (Chapters 127-131)

Chapter 127

Hyung Suk sits on the bed in the Nurse's Room, thinking deeply about how to avoid Tae Sung. He comes to the conclusion that since Tae Sung is in a different class, it won't be difficult to avoid him. Hyung Suk gets up and tries to open the door so he can leave but the door won't budge because Tae Sung is also trying to open it from the other side.

The scene then cuts off to Eun Tae and Bum Jae walking down the hallways with the freshmen bowing down and greeting them with respect. Eun Tae notices a male student leaning against the wall, casually greeting him unlike the rest of the freshmen. Eun Tae, unable to recognise the familiar face, asks him for his name and the people tell him to speak formally to his senior, Eun Tae. The man, utterly shocked at the fact that Eun Tae doesn't remember him while the freshmen comment on his rude and unusual behaviour, states that Eun Tae promised to fight him in the past. Eun Tae is still unable to remember and this angers the freshman, who then proceeds to kick Eun Tae in the shin out of frustration. This shocks and angers Bum Jae while Eun Tae gets down, holding onto his shin where he complains how it starts to hurt. Bum Jae, confused, asks Eun Tae if that freshman's kick hurt him that much and Eun Tae answers no, and states that it hurts from the time when Tae Sung grabbed Eun Tae by the shin and smashed him into the ground. Eun Tae labels Tae Sung as a 'punk' and comments that he's unbelievably strong.

The scene switches back to Hyung Suk and Tae Sung. Both of them continue to attempt to open the door with unbelievable strength and force and the door finally opens and Hyung Suk accidentally bumps into Tae Sung. He responds with shock and silently stares at Tae Sung with fear, while Tae Sung glares at him fiercely. Hyung Suk panics, remembering that the two have actually met before and hopes that Tae Sung doesn't recognise him and Tae Sung opens his mouth to say something, which makes Hyung Suk anxiously wait. Instead, Tae Sung calls Hyung Suk handsome. Noticing Hyung Suk's nonstop gaze, Tae Sung angrily tells him to piss off and Hyung Suk, snapping back to reality, apologizes and attempts to leave. Suddenly, Ha Neul holds Hyung Suk's arm and asks him if he's okay. Ha Neul and Hyung Suk walk away as Ha Neul lovingly holds his arm and this grabs Tae Sung's attention. Remembering his insecurity around handsome guys who always have girls follow them around, he stops Hyung Suk with anger. A flashback to Tae Sung's past is shown, when he had his first girlfriend. They embrace each other as the class cheers and one of his rather 'attractive' classmates collected money from the seniors and handed it to Tae Sung. Tae Sung smiles and glances at his girlfriend and blushes, thinking of how great he looks next to her.

Cult (Chapters 132-138)

In the plot, he is very religious and it is shown to always have gone to church with his childhood friends Mi Jin and JinSung. His mother after a period of time lost her sight and while losing her sight she entered a cult for a dog god. His mother rants about being one of the chosen for the 666 and drags Johan, his church priest, Mi Jin and Jin Sung in to the cult where the latter and Johan discover a man crucified on a cross. They worked together untying the person on the cross and it was later revealed he was a reporter that wanted to write an article about the illicit dog cult. It was later revealed that the priest that accompanied them in the beginning was the founder of the religion after the reporter told the three why did they bring him along with the escape.

The priest seized this opportunity as soon as they were about to escape by grabbing Mi Jin, then calling out his guard dogs leaving Jin Sung and Johan greatly outnumbered. The reporter ran away from the scene leaving the three back into the camp. Johan and his friends were all locked inside dog cages forced to watch the sacrifice while the priest. Johan's mother (with her poor eyesight) regained her sanity after seeing Johan in the cage with her poor vision. The priest caught Johan's mother after she unlocked the cage commanding his disciples to use her as sacrifice for the dog gods. The priest unlocked the cage Mi Jin was inside and dragged her by the hair into the warehouse.The main worshipper took Jin Sung and Johan out of the cages with their hands tied to watch the sacrifice upclose.

The disciples gathered around Johan's mother with stones and began chucking them at her, but before any rock landed on her, Johan directed the rocks away from his mother with quick jabs he learned from Jin Sung. Johan's hands were pouring out blood and it was revealed he got out of his handmade handcuffs by repeatedly grinding it against his skin peeling it in the process in order to slip out of them. 

Johan rescued his mother from her being binded on the cross and went with Jin Sung to save Mi Jin. Cutaways ensued showing that the priest used hallucinogens to convince Johan's mother to convert herself away from Christianity. Johan and Jin Sung fought their way towards Mi Jin. However, the priest was guarded by his dogs and had a bucket of meat to coax his dogs. Since Johan and Jin Sung were stuck at an impasse, they were hesitant. Mi Jin then bit the priest in the leg buying enough time for Johan's mother to suddenly douse the priest in meat water(?)/ hallucinogen oil(?) that lured his dogs to eating him alive. The reporter from earlier called in the police and took over the case. Johan's mother was taken to a rehabilitation center leaving Johan alone once more.

Afterwards he goes missing only to show up during the boxing completion that Jin Sung was also participating in. He unexpectedly beats Jin Sung and once again disappears.

The next time he appears in the story he get a hair cut from his mother and after that is seen walking with Jong Gun talking about Johan being Gun's "Successor".

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