Park Tae Joon is a student in the Architecture Dept at Jae Won High and is relatively infamous while being under the name 'Tae Joon Park, the Liar'.


Tae Joon is a short male student with pale skin and black hair. He is found to be rather unattractive by many others, being the reason of why he is often treated harshly and disrespectfully. His facial features consist of relatively thick eyebrows, dark-coloured eyes which tilt upwards, various layers of fat in his chin and pimples and warts on his cheeks. Tae Joon also intentionally styled his hair like Eun Tae's before shaving it afterwards.


Tae Joon is obsessed with becoming famous and gaining attention and would usually go to extreme measures to gain the attention from others. He looks at famous 'Pacebook' stars and well-known broadcasters with respect and admiration as he dreams of 'rubbing shoulders with them'. Afterwards, it is found that Tae Joon only wants attention because he wants to feel like people actually think that he is worth something and he only wishes to be an attention-seeker because he wants favourable attention, not the unwanted attention he receives from bullies and gossipers.

After comparing Tae Joon's attitude to when he was striving for attention to when he had Eun Tae come over to his house, Bum Jae realised that Tae Joon looked more genuinely happy when Eun Tae came over because he actually had a friend who believed him about his small dog.


  • He has the same name as the author