Park Ji Ho is a supporting character in Lookism. He's a student of the Fashion Department at Jae Won high school and later turned into an antagonist on Episode 171.


Park Ji Ho is one of the supporting characters in Lookism. He is an only child of his parents and they live together.

He used to be bullied by Lee Hyun Do and his friends regularly, acting as their slave. But after Daniel started eating with him for lunch and befriended him, he stopped being bullied.

He committed a yellow flag crime by pushing Daniel Park and James Goh from a 3-floor building and was sentenced to Juvenile Prison for two years.

He seems to suffer from Inferiority complex Disorder which is a doubt of one self that doesn’t look up to society’s standards.


Jiho sports a bull cut and has a round-baby face. He wears glasses at all time. He is fairly short and lacks muscles. It’s implied he’s unattractive and easy to look past. he has dark hair and bangs on his forehead.

After being put in prison, his hair was forced to be buzzed. Six months later, his hair grew till the end of his neck, just above his shoulder. He has lost a few teeth too.


Ji Ho is weak minded, easily drifted and influenced often submitting to peer pressure whenever he goes out with bad crowds as he is always trying and failing to be “cool”, to the point of doing crimes like illegal betting, underage drinking and even almost vandalizing. When he was sitting with Duke and Daniel outside of the convenience store, he started smoking to try to look cooler than them, saying that he has smoked many times, even though it was his first time. He also buys a lot of expensive brands and limited items for the same reason.

He is power hungry obsessed with status which lead him to do dangerous things just for a higher status. He used to take advantage of his friendship with Hyung Suk and Lee Jin Sung just to look cool in front of others and never actually reciprocated any of their friendships. He only went to them whenever he wanted help. He also looked down on people who he considered of lower status than him and sometimes even provoked them, only going back to Hyung Suk, Jin Sung and Vasco to scare them off.

Ji Ho has a habit of victimizing himself. He felt sad when Hyung Suk's group wouldn't include him, but he hadn't reciprocated their friendships in the first place. He is also a very desperate person, going into various lengths to get away with his mistakes and hide his wrongdoings. He lied to the detective that he had actually pushed James Goh and Park Hyung Suk.

Ji Ho later developed a habit of getting revenge which is why he attacked James Goh in the first place and pushed him and Hyung Suk out of the window, even though Hyung Suk did nothing wrong to him.

At Juvenile Prison, he got influenced by another prisoner and was in solitary for so long that he became a psychopath. He developed a lust for murder and tried to kill a cell mate and his main bully at Juvenile Prison. He ended up getting into fights and making more problems so much that the authorities continually shifted his cell[1].


Meeting Hyung Suk

Old Body

Ji Ho was summoned by Lee Hyun Do to steal a charger from the convince store. Hyung Suk caught him as Ji Ho tripped. Hyun Do summoned Hyung Suk and Ji Ho outside and made them fight each other by saying that the winner wouldn't have to serve him anymore.

New Body

Jae Yeol's Wallet

Ji Ho had just gotten his mom to buy him a new Vibe limited edition backpack, and his friends were fawning over it. However, when Ji Ho was with Jay and Daniel, the girls didn't notice him but, instead, at Jay and Daniel. Ji Ho thought it is because Jay and Daniel both had a lot of money to buy expensive clothes and silently berates them for not having to work hard to get expensive goods, even though his mother had bought him the backpack.

All of a sudden, Ji Ho notices that Jae Yeol had forgotten his wallet when he rushed over to Hyung Suk's seat when Hyung Suk said he didn't know how to do a problem. Ji Ho comments on how Jae Yeol's so good to Hyung Suk it's ridiculous, running to him just because Hyung Suk had called. Ji Ho is about to call out to Jae Yeol to tell him about his wallet, but decides to pocket it instead to play a prank on Jae Yeol.

Ji Ho, Jae Yeol and Hyung Suk are later at the convenience store, and Ji Ho's thanking Jae Yeol for buying him a lot of snacks. Jae Yeol waves at him while Hyung Suk translates that Jae Yeol's telling him it's fine and for him to eat up. The lady at the counter tells them it's 21500 won. When Jae Yeol reaches into his jacket to pay for the snacks, Ji Ho looks on expectantly, thinking he'll look ridiculous when he realizes his wallet's gone. However, Jae Yeol takes out his cell phone and pays with it instead. Jae Yeol and Hyung Suk bow to the sales lady and leave.

Later, in the washroom, Ji Ho huffs, saying that it's no fun and that, if he had known, he would have just given Jae Yeol the wallet. He opens Jae Yeol's wallet to find pictures of Inu and an American Express credit card, which Ji Ho mistakenly thinks is a VIP card for a coffee shop. He then sees a 10 million won check in the wallet. Scared, he realizes he's landed himself in big trouble.

He then resolves to go and return the wallet to Jae Yeol, say he's just found it, and apologize, but decides to go and sneakily return it to Jae Yeol instead so Jae Yeol wouldn't know.

Ji Ho first tries to stick it in Jae Yeol's left pant pocket while walking past Jae Yeol. However, when he sneaks up to Jae Yeol, Jae Yeol sees three bees and hits them out of the air because Jae Yeol's scared of bugs. Ji Ho, after witnessing Jae Yeol's reflexes, decides to try another plan instead.

He then tries to put it in Jae Yeol's backpack after school is out. However, no matter how hard Ji Ho pulled on it, it wouldn't open. When Jae Yeol comes along, Ji Ho realizes it has a fingerprint lock.

Ji Ho then tries to catch Jae Yeol when he's leaving school, apologize, and return the wallet to him, only to have Jae Yeol rush away on a motorcycle.

As Ji Ho walks back home, he resignedly wonders how he can contact Jae Yeol again because he doesn't know Jae Yeol's phone number. After all, it's 10 million won. Then, Ji Ho realizes that all he has to do is put the wallet in Jae Yeol's desk. However, just as he realizes it, a trio of bullies come and forces him to exchange backpacks. Ji Ho belatedly realizes that Jae Yeol's wallet, containing the 10 million won, was still in the backpack they had stolen.

Ji Ho rushes to the convenience store where original Hyung Suk works, and tells Hyung Suk everything. Ji Ho and Hyung Suk then confront the bullies at the playground, only for the bullies to beat them up. Hyung Suk realizes that, although he'd been able to clearly see every punch and kick directed his way, he was unable to do anything because his reflexes were too slow. Hyung Suk then returns to the bullies with his new body, asking for them to return the bag. The bullies do so immediately and try to suck up to him. New Hyung Suk then takes Ji Ho to Jae Yeol's home. They then see Jae Hye, Jae Yeol's younger sister. When they ask if Jae Hye lives with Jae Yeol, she answers that her brother lives alone, but she's come over to play. Jae Hye then tells them Jae Yeol's just left, but she'll text him telling him they're there. Jae Yeol's answer is very frenzied, and Jae Hye explains that he said he's coming back immediately, and says it's not like her brother to do so. She then tells them Jae Yeol had asked her to help him find his wallet. Hyung Suk immediately begins to tell her that they have Jae Yeol's wallet, but Ji Ho stops him, not wanting to look bad in front of a pretty girl. He decides that it would be fine if he just threw the wallet inside of Jae Yeol's bedroom.

However, when Ji Ho opened the door, he saw Inu's pups inside, barking at him and telling him to leave because they thought he was a thief. They jump at him, biting him. Ji Ho flings them to the ground and throws the wallet at them, only to infuriate Inu for bullying her children. Inu starts to attack him.

Ji Ho finally walks out, clutching at his arm and limping, his clothes ripped. Inu barks from behind, saying that she'd “caught a thief”. That's when Ji Ho sees the bag Jae Yeol is holding, which is full of 10 million won checks. Hyung Suk says that he didn't know Jae Yeol had gone out collecting the checks, and that Hyung Suk had a lot of them too. It turns out that the checks were just pamphlets promoting the online clothes shop that Hyung Suk poses for, and Hyung Suk's picture is printed on the back. Ji Ho realizes that all his work was for nothing and faints.

Fake Bank Account

Ji Ho, at Episode 163, felt alone as he thought no-one would wanted to hang out with him, he felt “invincible” and inside felt envy for Daniel

When he went to a convince store, he met his childhood classmate James Gong, who was a troublemaker in his junior high years, still the same as he was, smoking and sitting on top of the ATM, with bad manners, the manager told Gong to not smoke inside the ATM, as soon as he was caught, he saw Ji Ho, parasailed as he didn’t want Gong to see him, he immediately recognized Ji Ho, and a split second Ji Ho let him barrow his account, as James’s account was frozen, he gave Ji Ho’s Phone Number and pretended to be actual “friends” and hang out, since Ji Ho never had friends and always wanted to prove he is tougher than other kids his age, he accepted and exchanged phone numbers with James Gong.

Later that evening, James called Ji Ho, but declined in order to not unexpectedly meet him at his house, he later went outside, at Three minutes to met James Gong’s Friends outside of the bar, Ji Ho, scared out of his mind, froze to dead silence, and James held Ji Ho’s Shoulder and told his gang of friends to meet him by saying “he’s my classmate from middle school, say hi”,.

Ji Ho, astonished that James would be such friends with him when he was a huge delinquent at school, called him over to the bar, and smoked in front of Ji Ho, still astonished after that introduction introduces himself to all of James’s Friends, one girl even asked him for cigarettes, which Ji Ho replied that they’re “fake” probably used for vaping, as everyone decides to ask him questions, he kept thinking to himself, “why is everyone being nice to me” which was extremely odd, as James decides to save a seat for Ji Ho, he was also speechless at the fact that he was sitting in the middle, not on the back, which deeply envied him, and the fact that he was sitting on the center made him delighted.

His “friend” James, gave him glasses of Beer, and got to sing Karaoke with a bunch of his other friends, something that Ji Ho never hoped in his entire life he would be getting special treatment like that made him deeply astonished and happy.

After James and the gang got kicked out of the bar, he apologized for not having much fun like he hoped, but of course even then, anything that made him have special treatment made him happy nevertheless.

Then James and the gang started rambling in front of a Karaoke Guy who refused to pay for the parking, the price was over 50 grand, ($50,000 or £38,748.25 British pounds).

Ji Ho wanted to act tough to make everyone think he is cool, like always whenever he meets new friends, he wanted to smash the car windows, in he saw James smash the guy’s car window, and what was even worse is that the car inside had a Security Camera, which can record footage whoever breaks inside or steals, so whoever did it can be apprehended, James Idiotically poses for the camera on purpose apparently because so he can purposely be caught, staring that the owner of the car can’t catch his gang of friends, and a note is that he also gave the guys Beers, which is illegal.

James handed Ji Ho a red box, to smash the car window with, and as Ji Ho did it with all his strength, and smashed the car window, forcefully, as his new gang of “friends” told him to stop he stopped and went back home.

He later agreed to never do such thing again, because of his fear of getting into trouble.

He later revived a message from his friends, telling them if he’s okay and all with all was a group chat, he rushingly replied as quick as possible, which he couldn’t keep up the conversation due to everyone involved sending his pictures of what happened last night, he later saw that he never took a photo from the middle and was his first time, he felt happy that he’s gotten attention from others, only to not realize that everyone left him inside the classroom by himself, since they went to the convenience store he went to check it out for himself.

He then saw with his own eyes, James and the gang, playing Ping Pong, with all of them doing illegally shady stuff, they begin to ask if he’s already eaten which doesn’t sound anything suspicious.

Then as James was lifting the table topper, from the ping pong board, he asked if Ji Ho would help him out withdrawal cash again, and thought if he kept doing this way, in Ji Ho’s mind, thought that was the right way to make friends.

Then when Ji Ho made a new account pin for James, he asked for his birthday to make a new username, which James said “September 3rd” and withdrawl a new credit card, and registered it for deposits, James, Satisfied, smoked inside the ATM again with Ji Ho in front of him.

Then as the next day goes on, he began acting strange to Daniel’s Friends, such as when Daniel asked him if he wanted to hang out, he simply said no, and went into his phone checking deposits (inside, Ji Ho thought they weren’t “true friends”, as according to him, friends are people who give you the special treatment and make you feel superior ).

Outside, when James, like an Dog, peeing on the concrete called him on the phone asking if he would pay back the money for today’s withdrawl, rejected, and got to pay the extra money for himself (but found out he pretended to be Ji Ho, and blame him for the spamming).

At home, when Jiho, wanted to add a girl that he liked on Pacebook found it embarrassing anyone like him would follow her since his own Facebook account was embarrassing, plus, she had a lot more followers than him, later, on his profile page, he gotten a comment from someone who left 58 comments wanting him to pay for the Hiphone X, ranting that he got scammed as well, as Jiho pleading for inoccence deactivated his Pacebook account, and the next following day, the guy himself, went into Jiho’s school, calling him swear words (Found you Asshole), (Midget Scammer son of a bitch) with the guy himself threatened Jiho to come here) later came only to punch him, only for Jiho to say in return that he payed $1,200 for the Hiphone X, embarrassingly, surprising enough for Jiho’s knowledge of not knowing, the number on the credit card was his actual phone number, in fact, it was Jiho’s old phone number, the one he gave to James, the guy also was outraged how he never picked up his calls, when the rest of James’s friends asked “why is her here” when he is supposed to be at school, they later found James, playing ping pong, idiotically James pretended to not have a clue about the Bank Account, when Jiho gave the account himself.

The guys who claimed they got scammed by Jiho, stole his Hiphone X, and never returned it, leaving Jiho with no phone, and the only way for internet access was the local Library Computer, and, feel for James’s Trap.

Then, Jiho forgot the password for James’s Credit card account, he remembered it was his birthday, but never remembered what exact date it was, losing an important piece of information like that, he later went to the Cyber Police Department to call an illegal doing, he then found out the Cyber Police department don’t work during the Weekends, and, he should’ve came at 6:30 on a Friday, so, Jiho was stuck, trying to find out to get rid of the bank account mess, he then went to a Internet forum to check if Cyber police departments don’t work on weekends, and they never did, making James capable of making more scam posts, he spet all day on the library complaining that why is he the only one that bad luck only happens to him, and thinks everyone is better than him, and when Zach tried to stop the fight, he began telling everyone to stop saving him, and he should stop acting he is his friend, and he is noting because he drinks, smokes, and beat people up and acting the good guy now.

Zach tried settling things down, and tried googling the phone numbers on Craigslist until Kouji came along and told Jiho, straight to his face that he should grown up, be a man, and start to “live” and that the biggest mistake was googling the phone numbers, and that, Google wouldn’t immediately find all the results, but will only find results if they go to his Gaming ID, and that usually what internet criminals are usually afraid of is usually witnesses, and Kouji looked up names similar to the nickname, “Power Gumdam” or to search it up on Navier Blogs, which shows the actual scammer’s Blog and ID.

Meanwhile when Zoe was looking up more information about the scammer, she found something that exposes his verification which was a pile of bill money

When Kouji was looking for more information, he copied and pasted the information used for tracing The Scammer on Street View, and found a convince store near Gangnam

After long hours of trying to figure the scammer, they figured it out and called Vasco.

When Vasco went inside the bar, they found the scammer they’ve been waiting for Jin Jang.

Attempted Murder

on Episode 171, when he tried to defend himself from James Gong, who kept physically abusing him, kept Threatening Jiho, if he wanted to fight, meanwhile, Daniel came out and defended his friend, he told Jiho to run which James deliriously saying that he has too many friends, and he’s a lucky guy, then Jiho, saw the scalpel he thought that would potentially help him from protecting himself, felt angry at Daniel for him telling Jiho himself what to do, Daniel, holding James with two arms kept yelled at him to calm down, then, it shows Jiho, with a Scalpel on his hand, pointing it towards Daniel, as he hit him on the face telling him to wake up while Jiho said

“Are you my mom?! Or my dad” and “who do you think you are?! Stop Interfering”

Daniel yelled at him that they are friends, while Jiho, still not knowing what reality is anymore said that he’s not his friend, “yeah right”,

After that, Daniel, still perplexed inside, asked if Jiho hates Daniel and his friends, Jiho remembered something inside that he remembered, how he still had his friends Duke And Daniel, Jiho, thinks that all popular guys like Daniel all use him, and treat him like trash, which was never the case, he even said that guys like me would never know how it feels like to be me, as soon as he said that, he pushed Daniel and James off the 5-story rooftop.

As soon as Daniel and James fell down, he pretended that he wasn’t the one that pushed him, and that, they were arguing and pushed one another to the rooftop.

After that, it was noted that Daniel’s Medical Case was a lot worse than James.

Juvenile Prison


Park Hyung Suk

Ji Ho used to be a good friend of Daniel, and always took advantage of him. After getting influenced very badly, Ji Ho attempted to kill James and Daniel altogether, thinking that Daniel and the others have always looked down on him, or they never considered his as a friend.

Old Body

Ji Ho met Park Hyung Suk's old body at the convince store where Hyung Suk worked. When Ji Ho met him the second time, he apologized for the fight and he had bought Pyeon Duk Hwa with him as he didn't want to apologize alone.

The trio talked with each other for a long time and shared their experiences of being bullied. They became good friends and Ji Ho used to visit him in the store often along with Duk Hwa.

But soon he started visiting Hyung Suk's old body only when he wanted help from him. He also stole some money from the store for illegal betting. Even though he had helped Ji Ho, in the end, Ji Ho considered Hyung Suk's old body as having lower status than himself.

New Body

Ji Ho met Hyung Suk in his new body when Hyung Suk invited him to eat with him every day. They soon became good friends. Through Hyung Suk, Ji Ho was introduced to his group. He reciprocated their friendships at first, but it did not continue as he only cared about his own status and took advantage of Hyung Suk's popularity for himself.

When Hyung Suk restrained James Goh from attacking Ji Ho, Ji Ho was enraged as Hyung Suk told him to run away. He twisted Hyung Suk's words. This resulted in him pushing Hyung Suk and James Goh out of the window, thereby committing a crime - attempted murder. Even after putting them into a coma, he wished that they never wake up so that he could get away with the crime.

Ji Ho never truly cared about Hyung Suk.

Zack Lee

Zack used to bully Ji Ho, before he met Daniel. Zack was never close to Ji Ho as he noticed that Ji Ho never reciprocated their friendships and only took advantage of them. But after James cyber attacked him by looting his money, Zack was concerned about Ji Ho and fought for him.

Pyeon Duk Hwa

James Goh

Kim Kimyeong

Notes and References

  1. Lookism, Episode 185, "Hey, I heard that [Ji Ho] moved cells again." "What? He made another mess?"


  • In episode 110, when he's on the toilet, he isn't wearing underwear...
  • In episode 111, after Jiho struggles with Inu and her pups, he looks almost exactly the same as Vegito from the Dragon Ball Z universe
  • Jiho is currently being punished. He was sentenced to 2 years of Juvenile Hall by the court, for attempting to kill Daniel and James.
  • At Juvenile Prison, Kim Kimyeong always bet on Ji Ho winning whatever fight he would get himself in.