PTJ Entertainment is an idol training agency. Some successful stars include DG and Aru.

Notable Idols





Trainees are separated into 3 classes: A, B and C

Class A Boys

Hyung Suk's class, Class C, was only just created when he arrived (Chapter 69).

Class A seems to be composed of more talented and senior trainees while C is composed of greener and less talented trainees (Chapter 70).

Due to this emphasis on ability, the PTJ company seems to have a strong heirarchy.

Class C is the only co-ed class, whereas Classes A and B are separated into female and male groups (Chapter 70). The picture on the right shows the boys from Class A.

PTJ Trainee Rules


The training program seems to be incredibly harsh. A list of rules for trainees is seen stuck to a pane of glass in Chapter 69.

Translated, it says:

  1. Impolite, uncivilized people will be fired
  2. There can be no incapable people here. Those who slack off will be fired
  3. Those who smoke or drink alcohol will be laid off
  4. Those who are late more than 3 times will be laid off
  5. Those who have romantic affairs will be laid off
  6. Those who do not show improvement at the end of month evaluation will be laid off
Food expenses

Food expenses

One of the reasons why Hyung Suk decided to become a trainee is because of the fact that the company gives an allowance for food expenses. A class is given 6000 won for meals whereas C class is only given 4000 won for meals. This is one of the ways the company discriminates based on trainee ability and tries to encourage hard work within the trainee community (Chapter 70).