Meshi is a supporting character in Lookism. He's part of the football team in Hyung Suk's original high school, and was known as a football genius.


Meshi is described to have a large nose. He is also illustrated very realistically.


Meshi bullied Hyung Suk, and is incredibly calculating, as shown when he predicted that Hyung Suk would duck to try to avoid the ball aimed at him, and, hence, curved the ball so it would hit Hyung Suk in the face anyways.


Chapter 1

When introduced, Meshi had made a bet against Lee Tae Sung over who would be able to hit Hyung Suk with a football. When Lee Tae Sung first aims the football at Hyung Suk's head, Hyung Suk ducks and is able to avoid the ball. Tae Sung is really angry because he'd told Hyung Suk not to duck. When Meshi aims the ball at Hyung Suk's head, Hyung Suk ducks again, only to belatedly realize the ball was curved. Hence, the ball still hits Hyung Suk in the face regardless.

Tae Sung, angry at losing money to Meshi because of the bet, starts to hit Hyung Suk. Hyung Suk says he can pay Tae Sung back for the money lost, only to be hit. All of a sudden, Hyung Suk's mother comes.

Chapter 2

When Hyung Suk's mother, who had come to help Hyung Suk transfer to a new school, sees Meshi and Tae Sung bullying Hyung Suk, she angrily yells at them before running to Hyung Suk to check if he's ok. Meshi and Tae Sung both look very apologetic and guilty in front of Hyung Suk's mother.

Instead of thanking his mother, however, Hyung Suk tells her she's embarrassing him in front of his classmates, and apologizes to Tae Sung.


  • Meshi may be a nickname referring to the Argentinian football player, Lionel Messi. His face is based on him too.