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Lookism 외모지상주의 (lit. looks supremacy) Is a Manhwa created in 2014 by former ulzaang and author Taejoon Park. and officially released in 2017 In English and other languages on the Line Webtoon App. As of 2021, Lookism is still running with 370+ episodes.


Set in the outskirts of the Seoul, Lookism is about a boy named Daniel Park (Park Hyungseok) who is bullied because of his looks. He decides to transfer schools, only to wake up in a new body. Throughout the story he witnesses multiple cases of 'lookism', a form of discrimination based on a person's attractiveness. The plot has since focuses on the four major crews and has expanded to involve many other characters.


  • The characters in Lookism are often based on the appearances of some real life people, usually with the same name.
  • Lookism was originally the first manhwa with a controversial stance dealing with social issues of South Korea. However, it has garnered praise by Korean readers and readers around the world with its release of the Line Webtoon series in 2017 nearly 3-years after its Korean release.
    • Many other popular webtoons like True Beauty have followed Lookism's footsteps by making their own perspective on the harsh reality on Korea's beauty standards.

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