Lee Hyun Seung is a minor character. He is the tattoo artist who helped do Eun Tae's cover ups in the Lee Eun Tae Arc.


He is kind but also rather suspecting, as he thought that Eun Tae was a bully at first when Bum Jae came to tell Hyun Seung Eun Tae needed cover ups.

He's law abiding, as shown when he first rejected Bum Jae because giving middle schoolers tattoos is illegal.

Later, though, he also shows he's rather soft hearted when he, moved by Bum Jae's earnesty, decides to help give Eun Tae and Bum Jae tattoos anyways to cover up the bullies' tattoos as well as help Eun Tae get over his fear of needles.

Later, he was sincerely shocked when he saw the bullies' drawings, and, when he sees Bum Jae go with Eun Tae to get tattoos, he says that Bum Jae is a really good friend.

Finally, when Eun Tae's cover ups are finished in a year,



Lee Hyun Seung has black hair that is shaved off at the sides but piled up on top like icing in a cupcake.

He has tattoos all over his upper body, starting from his neck and ending at his wrists.

He also has a Poirot-esque moustache and ear piercings, which shows he's rather fashionable.

To add on to his stereotypically Western European fashion sense, when he walks out of his shop into the snow in winter, he's wearing a light brown trench coat over his blue, pinstriped waistcoat, his white chemise, a tucked in red tie, and, to top it all off, he has a pair of dark brown leather gloves and a lovely brown scarf.


Lee Eun Tae Arc

Bum jae

When Bum Jae realizes Eun Tae had developed a fear of needles due to bullying, he begs Hyun Seung to help give Eun Tae coverups, telling Hyun Seung he can practice on Bum Jae first so Eun Tae wouldn't be as scared.

Hyun Seung initially refuses him because it's illegal to give middle school students tattoos. However, Bum Jae persists, going so far as to kneel in the snow, asking Hyun Seung for help. Finally, Hyun Seung relents and Bum Jae gets a bird tattoo because he knows Eun Tae likes birds. Eun Tae, who loves the bird tattoo, happily agrees to get one too.


Hyun Seung comments that Bum Jae is a really good friend when he comes with Eun Tae to get tattoos and acts like nothing had happened even though he had been shivering in fear earlier.

Moreover, after a year, when Eun Tae's coverups were done, Hyun Seung notices that they both look like they've been working out. Bum Jae, grinning, says that they've both been working out like crazy for a year, and Hyun Seung, realizing it's because of Eun Tae, again says that Bum Jae is a really good friend.


Park Bum Jae

Bum Jae came to beg Hyun Seung to give Eun Tae coverups for the bullies' drawings. Although Hyun Seung refuses initially, he agrees after witnessing Bum Jae's earnesty and later realizes what a good friend Bum Jae is to Hyun Seung.

Lee Eun Tae

Hyun Seung thought Eun Tae was a gangster at first when Bum Jae came asking him for tattoos. Hence, he was shocked to see that Bum Jae had told the truth and that the bullies actually had drawn on Eun Tae's body.

After a year, the coverups are done and Eun Tae was no longer afraid of needles.