Kouji is a supporting character in Lookism. He is a genius hacker who seems to have close ties with Soo Jung. In Chapter 121, he entered Jae Won high school's computer science department as a first year (grade 10).


Kouji has purple hair and black eyes, so far in the comic he has worn casual clothes.


Alker Ko allahtir

Soo Jung texted Kouji for help tracking down the location of Hyung Suk's cell phone. Although Kouji does so, he also tells her to rethink his proposal, presumably asking her to help him enter into Jae Won high school.

Grade 11

Kouji is revealed as a new first year student (Grade 10 student) in the Computer Science department of Jae Won High school.

He explains that he had asked Soo Jung for help in entering this "trashy school" because he was after Jae Yeol's money.

Throughout the opening ceremony, Kouji publishes pornography on projector screens that follow the president's talk.