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Jay Hong (홍재열 Hong Jae Yeol) is a supporting character in Lookism. He is a student in the fashion department at Jae Won High School.


Jay is assumed as an Introverted individual as said by peers, he has a fair skinned muscular build and average height. His eyes have always been hidden by his long blonde bangs, even noted by side characters that they don't move while he runs.[1] He is known for always wearing high-end brand clothing along with various Chrome Hearts rings across his fingers. Regularly, he brings his personalized finger-print bag with him to school, as well as traveling on motorcycle.


Jay is an extremely quiet person who does not speak a word to anyone, but is shown to be a strong fighter with a good sense of justice. Up to this point of this story, it seems that he shows excessive attention to Daniel. He is very generous, kind and observant to him, but not so much to everyone else, Leading many fans of the show wondering if Jay's feelings are more than platonic.

Fighting Prowess[]

While having not actively participated in a breadth of fights, Jay has proven to be a very proficient and deadly martial artist. Jay is versed in 2 different martial arts: Systema and Kali Arnis. Systema is a Russian martial art taught by and to special forces for the express purpose of killing or disabling enemies as quickly and efficiently as possible. In fact, Jay often has to put a motorcycle helmet on his opponents to make sure he can't kill them. Kali Arnis being a Filipino martial art with a great emphasis on using weapons such as tonfas, staves, and karambits along with a supplementary education in unarmed combat. With this martial art, Jay often demonstrates his skills utilising BB guns[2] but has also attacked utilising burning steel pipes showing an ability to work with ad-hoc and makeshift weapons. Using these two martial arts in combination he was able to overwhelm Scott Kwon and Dominic Min, two very skilled fighters in their own right.

Aside from that, Jay has demonstrated a strong tenacity and physicality. This is exhibited with him having endured burning his own hands to fight utilising steel pipes and struggling against Logan Lee's submissions despite Logan's physical strength and endurance. He has shown himself to be very quick when it comes to hand speed, striking an uncountable number of times when having taken hold of his opponent with James Hong noting that in 1 flurry that Jay could have "killed him 7 times" and being fast enough to counter Logan's natural durability causing him to actually feel pain through his layer of fat.

Other Languages[]

English America flag.png Jay Hong (English Localization)
Korean Korean flag.png 홍재열 (Hong Jae Yeol)
Japanese Japan flag.png 四宮 紅輝 (Shinomiya Kōki)
Chinese Flag of Taiwan .pngHong Kong flag.pngFlag of China .jpeg 顾其光 (Gu Qiguang)



  • Jay is modeled after Aboki model Hong Jay.
  • And he also specializes in Kali Arnis, a Filipino martial art, using any handheld items as weapons, he uses BB Guns as his choice of weapons.[2]
  • He has a fear of bugs.[3] He also had a fear of dogs[4], but he overcame it.[5]
  • Jay was featured on a LINE spirit day post as an LGBTQ+ character. It is unknown whether it is canon that Jay is gay, as the author never stated the post was made by him.<ref>LINE Webtoon Spirit Day post</ref>
  • When he takes a picture, he usually makes a scared expression.[6][7]
  • The penname of his Paprika TV account is 'asdf'. In Chapter 29, he used his account to compete with Lala on who could give the most balloons to the stream of Duke and Daniel.
  • Jay dreams to be a doctor (Refer to Lookism Ep. 214: Vasco's Crisis)
  • Jay used to smoke but quit in Ep. 38 when a passing student told him that he won't get a lover if he does.
  • He was the number one student in his class until Daniel Park surpassed him during the Midterms arc.


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