Jang Udon is a famous idol, part of a boy band named 'Inspirit'. He was a 'Class C' teacher at the PTJ Entertainment in the past and is also Aru's ex-boyfriend after she cheated on him.


Udon was a trainee at the PTJ Entertainment and focused hard on becoming an idol. He wasn't able to be successful so easily compared to DG since people thought that DG was very handsome but that didn't stop Udon from trying. Udon's mindset was always on succeeding and helping his family by becoming famous but after feeling pity for Aru and seeing her determination to become his girlfriend, Udon happily become Aru's boyfriend.

Both Udon and Aru shared secrets and supported each other while Udon taught Aru many things which she needed to know. Their relationship was very positive until Ara broke down and cheated on


Udon has a long-ish face, dark eyes and hair, and a haircut reminiscent of the Beatles.



Udon was introduced around the time Hyung Suk joined PTJ Entertainment, along with Duke.


  • Udon is modeled by Infinite's Dongwoo
  • Udon debuted after six years and is now part of the boy band 'Inspirit'