Jae Won High School is a high school which focuses on vocational education and employment rather than sending students to university. It also has more practical training and work experience programs than a normal high school.

Students are given more liberty than students from traditional high schools. 90% of the Fashion Department has altered uniforms, the practical Music Department all have musical instruments, and the Beauty Department has hair dying permission (Chapter 4).

Jae Won High is famously known for churning out many K-POP artist trainees, models and popular idols (Chapter 4).

It is divided into 9 different Departments.

1) Baking Department.

2) Beauty Department

3) Vocal and Dance Department.

4) Practical Music Department.

5) Fashion and Clothing Design Department.

6) Architecture And Interior Design Department.

7) Physical Education Department.

8) Comic and Animation Department

9) Computer Department