Inu (Enu) is a supporting chracter of Lookism. Inu is a female crossbred of a labrador retriever and an unknown breed



She was abandon by her original owner, "Byeol," because she was not a purebred, therefore others were shaming Inu. Before she became fond of Hyung Suk, she was very aggresive, biting even Soo Jong. After she had her 4 puppies,  she then became fond of both good-looking and fat Hyung Suk.


Inu resembles her mother, a blonde labrador retriever. She has thick eyes brows, black eyes, and usually wears a red scarf her original owner gave to her.


Inu is very loyal to loved ones, even going to the point of attacking others. Before being fond of Hyung Suk, she would often retain an agressive manner, even biting Soo Jong's leg and Hyung Suk.


First introduced in chapter 58, where her past was shown as being a crossbred, she was viewed as disgraceful to her family, even being called a "mongrel." She was optimistic, convinced her master would someday return. Fat Hyung Suk made a temporary cardboard box house to shelter her from the rain, he even washed her scarf and gave her seaweed soup. At this point Inu became fond of Hyung Suk.


Jae was shown walking Inu's puppies after his butler forced him to, while walking them in the park, Jae encounters Hyung Suk running with Inu. Later, Jae Yeol ties his puppies to a pole to saftely pick up droppings one of the puppies left. When he turns around, he realizes that the puppies have chewed of their leashes. He runs into Hyung Suk again. both in panic after they both lost their dogs. The puppies went off to an agressive dog, when the agressive dog attempts to bite one of the puppies, one of the siblings  jump in front, injuring himself. Inu later shows up trying to fend off the dog. After the problem finally resolves and they recover, Jae Yeol is later shown confidentaly walking the now-grown puppies. Jae even gives them luxury clothing, and he ties their leashes to his belt.


  • Inu was the force that brought Hyung Suk and Soo Jung together in the bodies opposite to the ones they used for school.