Hyung Suk's mother supports Hyung Suk throughout the story. Although Hyung Suk is originally blind to her love and sacrifice for him, he later realizes how hard she's worked to provide for him and help him, and hence, works to give back to her.


She has curled hair and a beautiful smile.


She is kind and hardworking. She tries to give her son the best, even if it means she has to make do with less and face humiliation. For example, she would pick up the fallen legs of crabs in the marketplace to make soup for Hyung Suk, even though the vendors would get angry at her for not paying.

She faces her problems with courage and does not give up. This shows how brave and resilient she is. She tries not to be dependent on anyone. Overall, she’s a sweetheart and a very loving person.


Chapter 1


Hyung Suk

As Hyung Suk's mother, she is very protective of him. When she finds out he's being bullied, she charges at them despite being half their size and immediately transfers Hyung Suk out of the school despite financial problems.

She never considered Hyung Suk as a burden to her. She is rarely seen scolding Hyung Suk. She always tries to make good food for him and even saved up money for his glasses.

When Hyung Suk slowly became more responsible, she became very proud of him. She was really grateful for the gift he gave to her on Thanksgiving. She was also happy at her son's progress in academics and was glad he wasn't being bullied at J High.

New Hyung Suk

While Hyung Suk visited his mother in his other body, she treated him kindly and is very generous. She gave Hyung Suk (currently in his other body) 5,000 won from picking up scraps and told him to take care of her son (Hyung Suk in his normal body). She was grateful to new Hyung Suk for not bulling her own son.

Jae Yeol

She is on good terms with Jae Yeol. When he visited her house, she treated him like a guest and was very generous.