Hong Kitae is a supporting character in Lookism. He is the eldest brother in the Hong family to Hong Jae Yeol and Hong Jae Hye .


Kitae is the eldest child of the Hong family and the heir to his family's company. He is very wealthy. He is in business school.


Kitae, like his brother Jae Yeol, is a young teenage man who is tall and fair-skinned. He also has dark, jet-black hair, like his sister Jae Hye.

Since he is extremely wealthy, he also wears expensive brand-name clothing.


He appears to be laid-back after being uncomfortable from a formal greeting.

He is also infatuated with Choi Soo Jung, after offering her his business card upon their initial meeting, but they are solely business partners.


 Enu the Mutt Arc

In Chapter 60, Kitae met Choi Soo Jung for the first time when she participated in a business meeting with other partners. Kitae offered her his business card. Jong Gun reported to Soo Jung that Kitae was totally into her. She said that she was not interested because they "only care about the shell."

Picnic Arc 

In Chapter 147, Kitae was at Notte World inviting Soo Jung since it was his business' opening event.