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Gun Park (박종건 Park Jong Gun) is a major character in Lookism. He is a fighter of legendary status and the personal bodyguard of the HNH chairman's daughter, Crystal Choi. He is also one of the 10 geniuses raised by Charles Choi and one of the three kids trained by Tom Lee.


Gun has a figure similar to most of the prominent fighters within the series. He is a very tall and lean-yet-muscular individual who is always dressed well, usually donning colors of dark fashion and designer brands. His hair is shaved on the sides but long on top, and has always been seen with it slicked back.

He is usually seen wearing full-rimmed glasses to hide the scar stretching between his eyes. Gun's facial appearance changes drastically when he takes off his glasses. His eyes seem to be completely black. This attribute coupled with his matching scar between his eyes provides him a demonic and animal-like appearance. He has many scars across his body, and tattoos on his arms

On his chest is a long, horizontal scar given by Eli Jang.[4]He also has a scar given by Jerry Kwon.[5]

Personality []

Gun is usually seen as a highly composed man who is quite dedicated to his job as a bodyguard. He maintains a stern-looking expression on his face that exhibits a smile only when amused, usually by someone's fighting potential. This was most likely picked up from Tom Lee, who raised/trained him throughout his childhood, like his partner and rival Goo Kim, he is merciless when agitated and fighting—as seen during his fight with Jake. Gun stated he would knock out all of Jake's teeth, which he indeed ending up doing without much trouble. Unlike Goo Kim, Gun will remove his glasses when he's about to exhibit his demonic side, causing many to refer to him as a 'Monster'.

Gun has not been shown to have attractions to any specific sex. During his fight with Daniel at the abandoned school, he mentioned the battle was "better than the best night [he] has had with any woman."[6] Goo has stated that it doesn't matter to Gun what gender a person is, as long as he is interested in them. He also mentioned that Gun can be a pervert, and warned Daniel to be careful around Gun.[7]


Not much is known about Gun's personal history or background, making him a rather mysterious character. However, we do know he was trained/raised by Tom Lee and it is evident that he is among the 10 extraordinarily talented individuals that were raised by the HNH chairman. Before joining the ten geniuses, Gun was serving time in a juvenile prison and it was rumored by the other prisoners that he had ties to the Yakuza. He used to train every day by fighting against all other inmates resulting in a giant dried blood stain on one of the walls of the prison.[8] During that time he met Charles Choi who was working as a janitor.[9]

At some point in the past, after leaving the juvenile prison, the HNH chairman sent Gun to test Goo Kim's fighting ability in order to recruit him as Gun's partner.[10] Both fighters were infamous for their prowess, and both individuals seemed to have heard of the other before their first encounter. Though it was not explicitly shown, it can be inferred that their first fight was intense and resulted in Goo giving Gun the scar between his eyes (and possibly more on his back and torso), while Gun caused Goo to need steel pins in his body, implying broken bones/ligaments. The outcome, however, was unclear, as both fighters suffered heavy injuries.[11] After the fight they joined forces and created the 4 crews.

Gun was eventually assigned to bodyguard Crystal Choi, leaving Goo Kim to handle the business on his own much to his annoyance. They are seen meeting up together and talking about the crew heads or fighters throughout the series on different occasions.

Fighting Prowess[]

Gun has shown consistently to be one of the strongest characters in the series. We now know he has complete mastery of Kyokushin karate, high proficiency in Aikido and Capoeria as shown when Olly identified one of Johan Seong's copied moves from Gun,[12] his fight with Goo Kim[13] and his Brazilian kick.[14] He is also shown to be proficient enough in weapons to fight using tonfas[15] and to teach Eli Jang how to use stun batons.

Gun has also displayed formidable physical capabilities with him being able to stagger Vasco with a punch, fast enough to avoid hits from Zack Lee and durable enough to withstand a couple of hits from Eli Jang and come out of it only being slightly pissed off. He has shown to be so skilled in fact that he defeated Johan Seong easily[16] and defeat all of the original Hostel B when he stopped holding back[17] which included strong fighters like Warren Chae, Eli Jang and Max, and Derek. He also was able to defeat Jake,[18] the head of Big Deal and train many fighters.

He is also seen completely defeating hundreds of experienced and weaponized adult gangsters when he was 16, alongside 16 year old Goo Kim.[15] Even though he claims he's not familiar with weapons, he still shows to be very proficient in them, using Goo's ski sticks as batons and taking down a lot of enemies. It is a later confirmed that Gun is also in the unconscious state[6] which explains why he is so powerful while fighting Daniel Park/Hyung Seok Park in the abandoned school.


  • “Funny... there was a man who messed with my shades before but no one has ever messed with my hair.”[17]
  • "It was better than... the best night I had with any women."[6]
  • "You pleased me with your body. I should pay you for that."[6]


  • He is often seen saying "Ganbare"(がんばれ), a Japanese phrase that translates to "good luck". This phrase has been repeated by multiple other characters in the story who have come into contact with him.
  • He is one centimeter shorter than Goo Kim.[19]
  • Unlike Goo Kim, Gun does not have a successor for his crew business.
  • So far, Gun has not been defeated by any of his challengers. He claimed that he let Eli go on purpose making their fight's result remain unclear. The ones who pose the highest threats include the other fighting legend, Goo Kim, Daniel (in an unconscious state), and Tom Lee.
  • He appears to have a history in Japan and is recognized by the Yakuza as "White Ghost".


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