The Ghost Lady is a portrait of a woman that is held in a storage room at the end of the school corridor.


Legend goes that the Ghost Lady had married rich when she was alive, but had been chased into the streets on a rainy day right after her children were born. Hence, she haunts the schoolyard when it rains, trying to find her children. If someone who isn't a child looks into her eyes, they will die unless they either cry like a baby or give her a doll. If they give her a doll, the ghost lady would be so glad that she would disappear and grant the person a wish.


She has pale skin, short, black hair, and bloodshot eyes with black pupils and red irises. She wears a grey hat and overcoat. While in the portrait, she doesn't seem to have lipstick on, when Jin Sung sees her in the window, she has dark red lips.


Jin Sung and the Ghost Lady Arc

Jin Sung signing his name

Jin Sung and Mijin go to the school to pick up Mijin's cellphone, they bump into Vasco and Bum Jae, who were there to find the ghost lady. Vasco wanted to find the ghost lady so she'll grant him a wish so people wouldn't call him stupid anymore. When Jin Sung makes fun of Vasco for believing in ghosts, Bum Jae dares Jin Sung to sign his name on the glass frame surrounding ghost lady's portrait.

When Jin Sung goes to sign his name on the glass frame, he looks into the Ghost Lady's bloodshot eyes. Jin Sung hurriedly signs his name on the glass and skidaddles. As he runs back to the classroom, he cries like a baby just in case.
Hyung Suk and the ghost
The next morning, when they go to check if Jin Sung's signature was on the portrait, Jin Sung realizes that the portrait's eyes were closed and that Jin Sung's name was signed on the window, so he had actually seen the ghost and narrowly escaped death by crying out loud when running through the corridor. Frightened, he wets his pants and faints.

In the epilogue, the ghost lady is seen following Hyung Suk around, blushing, and the narrator explains that she has fallen in love.


Her Children

The Ghost Lady loves her children. When they were just born, she was thrown out of the household she had married into and into the streets. Hence, she bears a resentment towards the adults who had taken her children from her. Even after she died, she searches for her children in the schoolyard.

Jin Sung

When Jin Sung was in the storage room, he sees the Ghost Lady. She would have killed him if he hadn't started to pretend to cry. Later, when Jin Sung realizes he had seen her for real, he wets his pants.

Hyung Suk

She falls in love with Hyung Suk and can be seen following him around in the epilogue.


She is generally distrustful of adults, believing that they had stolen her children. Hence, any adult that looks her in the eyes without giving her a doll or crying will die.