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—Daniel’s first introduction to his 'new' self

Daniel Park (박형석 Park Hyung-Seok) is the main protagonist in Lookism. He is a student in the fashion design department of J High School. He has a unique ability in which he can transfer his consciousness in and out at will between two completely different bodies.


Daniel grew up with only his mother to take care of him. Since they are poor, they live in poverty while struggling to make ends meet. In addition to his poor living conditions, Daniel is looked down upon by many because of his unattractive appearance. This led to him being a victim of bullying in his school (mostly by Logan).

Unable to stand her son being bullied any longer, Daniel's mother offered him a chance to transfer to a different school (Jae Won High). Daniel, unable to bear with his school troubles any longer, tearfully accepts his mother's offer.

Upon moving to a different location, Daniel's dreams of starting anew are quickly shattered after suffering a humiliating defeat at the hands of Zack Lee, captured on video. With the video going viral, he cried himself to sleep only to mysteriously awaken the next morning in a completely new body, with certain rules:

  1. He has to sleep to change bodies
  2. If he is forcefully awakened, the other body will go to sleep
  3. The sleeping body has to be cared for like an actual body
  4. He is conscious at all times (cannot have dreams)
  5. In a state of lost consciousness, he cannot change bodies until the other one is recovered.


Daniel has two bodies that looks completely different.

First Body[]

Old daniel and new daniel.jpg

In this body Daniel is deemed unattractive by most, if not all the people he meets, with the exceptions being Crystal and Zoe. It's usually in this body that Daniel is exposed to the harsh treatment of society and learns the true colors of people.

Daniel uses this body at night to work part-time at a local mini-mart, which is why he's usually seen in his work uniform.

After his fight with Logan Lee and the incident involving the homeless man which broke his glasses, however, Daniel is noticeably taller and slimmer measuring up slightly taller than Zoe in height and he is not wearing his glasses.

After the intense dieting and training under Sophia, his physical appearance now is similar to his second body except shorter in stature.

Second Body[]

In his new body, Daniel no longer wears glasses. He's tall, possessing the very epitome of a healthy, muscular, and athletic build, and is incredibly handsome - this being his most notable trait, as his presence leaves women infatuated and men intimidated. Daniel's incredible good looks easily cause many to question whether he is a famous model, idol, or star (which he actually is) going so far as to ask for his autographs and pictures with him, much to his shock.

Personality []

Daniel is a very kind and friendly person at heart, preferring to avoid unnecessary conflicts if he can, but will help those in need even in dangerous situations.

Initially, due to being bullied, Daniel would vent his anger at his mom. However, after some time, he realized just how much she sacrificed for his sake. This filled him with deep and immense feelings of self-loathing and regret his actions towards his mother to the point of vowing to be a better person. He often cries whenever he is reminded of how he treated his mother, such as when in his second body, he was asked to act out a certain role as a test to see his acting skills only for Daniel to cry while reading the script as the part was similar to a part of his life he regretted the most. So as to not trouble his mother financially, Daniel is very humble and responsible as he does not bother with materialistic things unless they cut down on his or his mom's living expenses (e.g. rice cooker) and is willing to work so he can pay his own living expenses.

Daniel is very sympathetic and protective of those mistreated, either because of their lack of strength or because of how unattractive they are, as he can relate to how both feel and is prone to stand up for them. Though it is implied in the Runaway fam arc he is respectful enough to not interfere in other affairs without permission. 

Lack of self-confidence is often Daniel's biggest hindrance slowing his progress on his goal of trying to be a better person. In some cases, it leads to his being perceived as a pushover who is nothing but a coward. Fortunately, Daniel is constantly inspired by those who diligently work towards their goals, such as Euntae and Duke and is motivated to put more effort into overcoming his struggles to achieve his goals.

Due to his lack of social interaction with people around him prior to having his second body, he can be naive, much like Euntae, and is unsure how to act when placed under peer pressure. Likewise, he is easily deceived by perceived kindness. For example, he once accidentally agreed to become a host in a club and escaped the club while drunk. Moreover, he thought that Yui genuinely liked him for who he is while in his second body, but was shocked when she treated him cruelly while he was in his original body. He also never smoked or intentionally drank before, and didn't know how to refuse when putting under pressure to do so. However, this tends to create humorous situations and misunderstandings about him.

After temporarily losing his connection with his current body and being helplessly bullied by Logan Daniel regressed back into his old self before moving to Seoul. But after realizing that this world wasn't fair and how he needs to work harder to overcome that unfairness Daniel gets a way better appreciation for his old body and becomes more confident in it.

Daniel tends to become belligerent and overconfident when drunk.[1] In later arcs he is seen to also have an aggressive personality when in a tense battle.

Fighting Prowess[]

Daniel is actually a natural-born fighter despite his lack of confidence and any formal training prior. Regardless of which body he is in, Daniel can memorize any technique down to its textbook mechanics after seeing it once and execute it with the same amount of competency as a skilled expert. In addition to this skill, he possesses incredible foresight in a fight, able to clearly see all attacks his opponents throw at him. Whether or not he is able to dodge the said attacks usually depends on his opponent and Daniel's current body. Daniels' ability to copy other people's techniques is so amazing that it's like fighting yourself. In the more recent chapters whenever he copies a character his hair or physical appearance turns similar to them.

Original Body[]

While not on par with his second body, his weight does add an incredible amount momentum to his attacks unleashing them with such surprising force that he even forced Euntae (who possesses unbelievable strength) to resort to knocking him out when he felt he could no longer withstand his punches. He rarely ever fights in this body due to his lack of confidence while using it, but as the series progresses, he does become a more capable fighter, especially under Vasco's strict workouts and guidance despite him not being aware of it.

Old body after being trained. First revealed in chapter 324.

In this body, he severely lacks the desired reflexes he gains in his second body. Despite being able to see the attacks (even once commented on how slow they were), he was still not able to physically dodge them due to this body's lack of agility and reflexes. It should be noted that if attacks are executed by non-skilled practitioners, even in this body, he has no problems defending against them. Despite its many shortcomings Daniel's first body still has impressive strength and endurance as he managed to take and multiple hits from Logan Lee and recover from the experience with no lasting injuries. With enough determination, his fat body could take out a person with little or no fighting experience.

Daniel trained his body becoming unreconisable to most people in this new form looking closer to his second body than his first, even Zoe Park and Logan Lee did not recognise him as the transformation was extreme. The weaknesses his body had are now gone as his body is faster with the addition of systema.

Second Body[]

In this body, Daniel is among the strongest in the entire series. Even before he developed his technique and skill, he was able to defeat most opponents, solely relying on reflexes and instinct and is one of the few characters to naturally be on the level of skilled fighters with no prior formal training, the other being Johan. This, coupled with Daniel's ability to instantly replicate any fighting skill he sees just once, makes him one of the series' most formidable fighters by outdoing many others with their own fighting techniques.

It seems Daniel has become used to his abilities and immense fighting prowess in this body, able to dodge attacks merely on reflex with extreme ease, even while in deep thought. In some fights, he has found some attacks to be annoying.

His biggest testament to his fighting prowess is being one of the only people (the other being Euntae) that Jong Gun, a fighter of legendary status, acknowledges even once. Gun stated that, although Crystal was heading for a dangerous situation, if she is accompanied by Daniel and Euntae, then she's not in any real danger.

However, he is not yet on the level of Jong Gun or Joon Goo, as he was easily defeated by Gun. Meanwhile, Euntae, his fighting equal, was soundly defeated by Jake Kim, who Gun promptly defeated.

Daniel Park UI.png

So far Daniel's biggest weakness is that his compassion can often lead to unfair or synchronized fighters like Chuck Kwak and Justin Peng to overwhelm him. He also can't copy the determination that comes from the moves he copies, which makes opponents like Zack hard to fight.

Daniel's last trick is when he enters a state known as "ultra-instinct", in which he is rendered in a state between conscious and unconscious. He is able to maximize his fighting potential by utilizing every single move of his knowledge without hesitation. In this state he is so powerful that he is able to suppress Jerry Kwon and even able to break one of Jong Gun's arms in one on one fights and defeat 2 Crew Head simultaneously. However, he is unable to control himself during this state, making it difficult to discern between friends and foes.


Sophia's Training

  • Bone Squeeze (Escape Technique)[2]


  • "I've gotta be reborn. Like a larva that waits seven years to be born as a cicada... it's my turn to be that cicada. I will change!"[3]
  • "Such a mess after that beating. But still, good work. You're the real me."[4]
  • "You were right about one thing. I want to make a lot of money and I have a lot of things that I want to protect. But if I have to abandon what I wanted to protect to get that power, what good would that do? In the end, you'll be left on your own." [5]
  • "A lot happened. The illegal lottery tickets and the fake bank accounts... so many of my friends got involved. A lot of them got hurt and one of them even went to prison. And it turns out those four crews were behind everything. I will not sit idly by and do nothing anymore. Fighting might not be the solution to everything. But I want to protect my friends."[5]

Other Languages[]

English America flag.png Daniel Park (English Localization)
Korean Korean flag.png 박형석 (Park Hyun Suk)
Japanese Japan flag.png 長谷川 蛍介 (Hasegawa Keisuke)
Chinese Flag of Taiwan .pngHong Kong flag.pngFlag of China .jpeg 陀文帥 (Tuó wén shuài)

朴玄碩(Park Hyung Suk)


  • Daniel is based off Taejoon Park’s Younger Brother Hyungseok another Ulzaang whom he is also named after in the original Korean version.
  • Despite Daniel's age being 17 In the English Localization. He was still shown drinking in the English Localization which is illegal in most western countries due to the fact a minor cannot drink unless they turn 21.
  • Whenever he gets drunk, he becomes very aggressive, cynical, and angry.
    • He also gets stronger; at one point, he was able to crush a phone into pieces with one hand.
  • He bears a lot of resemblance to Yu Narukami in the first chapters of Lookism. In that, the two of them wear similar hairstyles and personalities to one another.
  • He has a beautiful voice, which refers to Daniel in real life.
  • Due to his handsome and athletic looks, he becomes the most popular guy at his school.
  • In Japanese, His name means Leader Valley Stream and Firefly, Meditation.
  • In Korean, it literally translates to a Night, Mold seat (it also refers to him changing bodies at night and morning) [6]