DG is a famous Korean star who was first a trainee of PTJ Entertainment before he managed to make a debut and become renowned. He has close ties with the HNH Chairman, the father of Soo Jung.


DG became a trainee after Udon but because of his looks and talent, he managed to quickly become an idol. Even when Aru was still a shy country girl, DG was already world-wide famous.


DG is a rather attractive young man who has dyed pink hair and dark coloured eyes. He has pale skin and a slim body figure. He is usually seen wearing dark sunglasses and has a tattoo on his forearm.

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DG is more cool and composed than most, if not all, characters in Lookism. He tends to watch and observe silently instead of just speaking whenever he wants to. But when he does talk, he tends to act quite aloof and distant, only warming up to a few people (some examples are the HNH Chairman and his daughter, Soo Jung). DG is also very honest, but he doesn't talk much so it's sometimes difficult to know what he is thinking.


HNH Chairman

DG admires the HNH Chairman, staying loyal to him and his work. He supports him and stays by his side often. He is one of the few people raised by the HNH Chairman.

Soo Jung

DG is quite close to Soo Jung and acts rather kind and welcoming towards her, which angers Aru. While there is no romance between DG and Soo Jung, they have close ties with each other and care deeply about each other.


Aru, wanting to mesmerise and enthrall many boys with her attractive appearance (even though she already has a boyfriend), often tries to talk to DG and seduce him. DG, on the other hand, is not fond of Aru and finds her rather annoying so he ignores her whenever she tries to seduce him.


  • DG is modeled after G-Dragon, a south-Korean rapper. His name is also based on G-Dragon.