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DG (real name Diego Kang) is a famous Korean star and also the head of PTJ Entertainment, an idol training agency. He has close ties with the Charles Choi. He used to be known as James Lee, but discarded this identity after accomplishing his goal, and Daniel Park's second body is using that name instead.


DG is a very attractive young man who has dyed pink hair and dark colored eyes. He has pale skin and a slim body figure. He is usually seen wearing dark sunglasses and has a tattoo on his forearm.

Now, when acting as James Lee, he wears an all light pink outfit with a woolen sweatshirt and face mask.

Previously, DG as James Lee possessed red hair and a somewhat wild expression with a malicious grin punctuated by sharp teeth.


DG is more cool and composed than most, if not all, characters in Lookism. He tends to watch and observe others silently, but when he talks, he acts quite aloof and distant, only warming up to a few people (some examples are the HNH Chairman and his daughter, Crystal). DG is also very honest, but he doesn't talk much so it's sometimes difficult to know what he is thinking.

Fighting Prowess[]

As the legend of the first generation, DG is immensely powerful and is one of the strongest fighters in the series, even sometimes it's said that he is the strongest. He single handedly took down Darius Hong and his gang with ease, showing prodigal skill in combat. It is said that he ended the first generation, a notorious era of well known fighters. He bested Taesoo Ma, the "King Of Ansan" in a fight with little to no injuries. He favors an acrobatic and graceful style of fighting, using handstand kicks and flipping and dodging the enemies attacks.


  • DG is modeled after G-Dragon, a KPOP Rapper. It's also clear that his name is a reference to G-Dragon in reverse due to his name being “DG”.
  • Based on the trophies previously showcased at his old school, DG excels in a variety of domains besides fighting such as art, poetry, swimming, golf and tennis.[1]