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Crystal Choi (최수정 Choi Soo Jung) is a secondary character in Lookism. She is currently a student in J High School. Like Daniel, she also has two bodies.


Irrespective of what form she is in, Crystal harbors a deep hatred for attractive people, most likely due to her experiences with most of them. This is somewhat similar to Park Daniel. She is convinced all attractive people are egotistical and only care about appearances over anything else. This belief led to her initial hatred of Daniel in his second body, although this is slowly changing. According to Kouji, she can be quite cold since she had never bothered to help others before.[3]


Unattractive Body[]

In her "unattractive" body, Crystal is strikingly similar to Park Daniel, to the point that it's as if she is the female version of him. Crystal is obese and quite short in this form, approximately the same height as Daniel (one of the shortest characters in the series). Much like Daniel, she is also referred to as 'Pig' by many people due to her size and height; usually girls who are jealous of her getting attention from Park Daniel in his second body. She has yet to show any prowess in anything while in this body, besides the fact that she has also used the two body system to cheat on exams to get high marks; however, unlike Daniel, she seems to have no shame in using it this way. Crystal mostly uses this body for school related events and issues.

Attractive Body[]

In her attractive body, Crystal possesses unrivaled beauty within the series and this, coupled with her status as the HNH chairman's daughter, is usually enough to mark her reputation and status of importance as well above others. Even Aru Lee, a famous idol star, couldn't help but feel jealousy towards the difference in their status as DG diligently attended to Crystal's every need, yet wouldn't even bat an eye for Aru.[4] Crystal is also fairly tall in this body, with a curvy physique and well-proportioned body.

Crystal has an immensely good fashion sense, in direct contrast with Daniel, who has terrible fashion sense and only maintains his stunningly fashionable looks with the help of Jay.[5] Crystal is very knowledgeable in fashion, even schooling Daniel when she was annoyed at his poor fashion sense despite him being in the fashion department. Crystal seems to prefer dressing in style while in her attractive body, which may be why she assumed Park Daniel did the same as well (when she was suspicious of him having two bodies). She generally uses this body to attend business related events and issues. Crystal also seems to work out to maintain this body rather than the unattractive body, like Daniel. That might be indicating that this is her real body.


As the daughter of the HNH Group Chairman, Crystal comes from a very wealthy background. She is one of the few raised by the chairman, as well as the only one so far who has been revealed to be his legitimate child. Crystal (much like Daniel) has two bodies.

At some point, the chairman tasked her with keeping an eye on Daniel, which is why she transferred to Jae Won High in her original body while her second body is usually attending to her other business related issues.

Fighting Prowess[]

It should be noted that, as the HNH chairman's daughter and under the protection of the likes of Jong Gun, it is quite rare that Crystal even has to lift a finger during a confrontation which is the reason we are yet to see the extent of her full capabilities in combat.

Unattractive Body[]

Despite her obese body, she is capable of doing jump kicks and was shown beating up three women in a bathroom during the Picnic arc.[6]

Attractive Body[]

At some point, Crystal was trained by Jong Gun on how to fight and is fully capable of taking care of herself.[7] The extent of her ability in combat has yet to be explored as she rarely ever has to fight in this body, but since she was trained by a legendary fighter it can be assumed she is a formidable fighter in her own right.

She was able to fight off a stalker while she was wielding a taser. Crystal also showed enough strength to knock the stalker down while she grabbed onto her. She is also skilled enough to flip Matt Kang during the Hostel Branch arc.

Other Languages[]

English America flag.png Crystal Choi
Korean Korean flag.png 최수정 (Choi Soo-jung)
Japanese Japan flag.png 馬場 晃司 (Nerima Akari)


Her name Crystal means best fix, while in Japanese, it literally translates to Refine Horse, Bright Village.


  • Crystal is modeled after South Korean model Choi Soo Jung. Even having similar names in Korean.
    • She also has a striking appearance to Yoo Seung-Ok, another South Korean Model. And looks more similar to Yoo Seung more than Crystal.

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