Lee Aru is a graduate of PTJ entertainment, now a successful idol. She is also Udon's ex because she had cheated on him.


Originally from the countryside, Aru came to PTJ Entertainment to try become an idol to help financially support her family. Aru found it extremely difficult and just barely passed the weight test, going to rather extreme measures to make it. Even then, no manager wanted to help Aru become an idol so Aru desperately went to an older 'sugar daddy' and mob gangster, Jin, to help her achieve her goals. Even though this meant that she would ditch Lasol and cheat on Udon, Aru was still determined to 'reach the top'.


Aru is a young woman with a slim yet curvaceous figure, which is thought to look beautiful by many. She has pale skin and dark coloured eyes. She has short copper-blonde hair which was originally black before she decided to dye it. Aru likes to wear fashionable and branded clothes with lots of accessories and jewelry.

IMG 1136

Aru in the past.


Aru is a selfish and dishonest person who enjoys using others for money and fame, which can also be referred to being a 'gold-digger'. She acts arrogant and enjoys regarding herslef as better and more powerful than everyone else, becoming furious when she finds someone else, such as Soo Jung (Crystal), who seems more beautiful and powerful than she is.

In the past, Aru was rather shy and more humble, being a poor girl from the countryside. She was deeply infatuated with Udon and always blushed whenever she saw him and treated him with care and respect. Aru was also highly generous, giving one of her most prized possessions to Lasol as a gift.



Udon and Aru used to date and they deeply cared about each other before Aru decided to cheat on Udon with a 'sugar daddy' so that she could become famous and rich. Udon hates Aru now and barely talks to her even though he is still fond of the times they spent together and how much they truly treated each other with love and care. Even though Udon hates Aru, he was still eager to help stop her 'sugar daddy' from forcibly taking nude photos of Aru and damaging her reputation because he understood how much her past self wanted to become an idol and support her family.


Lasol and Aru used to be best friends and cared about each other deeply. Since Aru had to keep the fact that she and Udon were dating, they used Lasol as a cover to make it look like they were just friends. Now, Aru had cut her ties with Lasol because she thinks that Lasol despises her and knows about her talking to her 'sugar daddy' even though in reality, Lasol doesn't actually despise Aru.