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Đoàn Dương Minh
• 7/27/2017


Heya! I was just wondering about everyone's favourite ships! Every good fandom has it's own ships, quirky, canon, or should-be-canon... so I just really wanted to get to know what ships you all have! I think my favourite ships are: Mijin x Jin Sung, Soo Jung x Jong Gun, Eun Tae x Bum Jae (I know, they're straight, but still, I ship them as friends...?) and, of course, Hyung Suk x Jae Yeol! How about you? Please answer? I would love to hear your opinion! Start a shipping war with meeeee! Please?
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Đoàn Dương Minh
• 12/6/2017
I ship Hyung Suk x Jae Yeol so much!! I'm still in the process of catching up, but I'm not taking the entrance of Soo Jung very well. But I really do hope Hyung Suk and Jae get together. (ಥ﹏ಥ)
• 12/20/2017
Joon Goo x Jong Gun (crazy beats =] will they beat each other to death or love each other to death =]]])
Hyung Suk x Ha Nuel (don't care about her at first, but after SPOIL: [Hyung Suk (chubby one) save her], I become like her more)
btw, I also don't like Soo Jung
• 1/13/2018
I ship Mijin and Jin Sung because they are so cute together. They were really good childhood friends and they both care about each other a lot. I also like how they both positively influence each other in life, like how Jin Sung risks his own life to always protect Mijin and keep her safe while Mijin often tries to bring Jin Sung away from fighting to peace and goodness, looking out for him when he's upset and helping him when he's injured.

It is most likely that these two are going to end up together more than they would with other characters (e.g. Mijin x Jin Sung is more likely to happen than ships like Jin Sung x Yui or Mijin x Yohan).
• 1/17/2018
I ship Park Hyun Sik & Hong Jae Yeol!!
• 2/3/2018
I have a total rare pair that I've been caught up with, Yohan x Hyung Suk I thought their time together was really well spent and they bonded instantly. There are mentions of Yohan wondering what the future will hold for them (as enemies or friends) but I hope they become much better friends. I mean Yohan already sees Hyung Suk as someone that is almost on his level of strength (after their little race) so I hope that means a friendly rivalry is in store. Also since Hyung Suk has to reunite the big four crews he is already friends with Yohan so the God Dog gang is much more likely to join his side. Plus their dogs are super cute together. Inu and Eden so precious
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