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Aquamarine Da Seawing
Shockerz ryouta
• 7/9/2017

Help! Does anyone know how wikia works?

Hi! If you know how wikia works, then will you please help me? Please? Pretty please with whipped cream, sprinkles, and ice cream on top?

I sort of created this wiki b/c I couldn't find a wiki for Lookism, and I thought "hey! Why don't I make one myself!"

It sounded like a great idea, until I created this thing and I suddenly realized I have zero previous experience with editing wikia pages. Zilch, nil, nada.

I soon realized that everyone else seems to be a lot better than I am at this whole editing thing. Partly because I'm trash at this whole editing thing; I don't even know how to make an infobox. Exactly, shame on me.

So, I was wondering if there's anyone experience around here who would like being an admin or sth before I make a greater mess of this wikia... I have no clue if this is the correct procedure for this sort of thing - partly because I have zero experience and this wikia is DYING in my hands, gasping for breath and begging for mercy from one of you kind users out there - but... if there's anyone kind enough to be willing to help, please, please, please respond...

Thank you so much, and sorry for the whole inconvenience and for my absolute uselessness...
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Aquamarine Da Seawing
Shockerz ryouta
• 2/5/2018
I know to type codes for infoboxes and other stuff, so perhaps I can help you with editing and adding multiple tabs in infoboxes. That'd be easier for you to maintain this wikia.
• 2/8/2018
Haha, I wouldn't sweat the small stuff Lookism has a growing fanbase (a huge fan myself) who were really disappointed to find it had no wikia so on behalf of it's many fans thank you for stepping forward to make it for us.

We more than happy assist you maintaining the wikia for more fans :D
Let's learn and help each other make it a good read for many!
• 2/9/2018
Great step dude! Wish you best of luck
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